10 Best Ways to Use and Personalize Your Apple Watch

Things Apple Watch Can do!



Apple announced its apple watch series 5 along with the iPhone 11 on September 10, 2019, at the annual apple fall event. And all the fans are expecting apple watch series 6 at roughly the same time of 2020.

Apple series 5 watch claimed by the manufacturers to be the watch that never sleeps stayed true to its word.

 “The Response of users for its Always on display was enthusiastic.”

We bring you the tips and tricks on all know how’s, by which you can use your apple watch to the fullest and make every pennyworth.

1. Always-on display

With the launch of Apple Series 5 watch, Apple introduced OLED Retina display with Force Touch and always-on feature. The always-on display could be enabled in the settings of your apple watch app. When the feature is enabled, the apple watch will turn from your chosen watch face to a dimmed black analog watch face. The watch can be activated again with the wrist tilt movement. This feature allows us to look at our watch anytime without even tapping it.

2. Hiding sensitive content

The always-on display feature when enabled on also displays the essential notifications, heartbeat, messages, etc. but a user has always an option to hide such sensitive content if he/she does wishes for others to pry in their stuff. All they got to do is the open the apple watch app and go to always-on option where at the bottom, hide sensitive content option could be enabled.

Now restaurant bills could be easily managed with if you are slow at deciding what you should tip your steward, because apple watch calculator features easy to calculate tip option.

3. Calculator with tip and split bill

The all-new watch series has also incorporated the calculator app on the apple watch which was earlier missing on the older versions of the apple watches. It calculates 20% tip by default but the user can always lower or peak the percentages as depending on the waiter’s service. The calculator’s tip option also allows you to add the number of people to the Pax for easy splitting of bills.

4. Open webpages and Zoom Enabling

Asking Siri Recipes of yummy-Licious savories on my apple watch is my all-time favorite getaway. Well, apple watches now enables us to scroll through not only results but to visit the complete web pages, with newly added open webpage button at the bottom of each result displayed by the Siri. Completed web pages can be surfed, browsing images, text all on the apple watch itself.

As now webpages can be visited and scrolled through, some websites tend to have smaller text which might be problematic to watch on the tiny-miny Screen of the watch. But the hassle could be solved in seconds by visiting the apple watch app and enabling the zoom feature which is turned off by default. Once Zoom is enabled on the Apple Watch app, your watch will display once the “Zoom Enabled” on the watch screen and you can either use two fingers or the watch crown to zoom in and move around the page.

5. App dock

Apple watch producers had ditched the famous glances feature way back in Apple watch OS3. Since then all the apple watches now include the app dock than the glances. App dock when pulled from down shows all your recent apps used or the apps you most often use highlighting them as your favorites as these are the apps prioritized by your apple watch when it refreshes in the background. Or you can always self-customize your app dock to make it function as a proper dock by either visiting the watch’s partner app on iPhone or by clicking the side button on the watch and then touching the app and tapping on the “keep in dock” option.

6.    Unlock the mac book

Few of us people are Apple only geeks, that we use every device of apple and only apple. Hence we can link together all our devices, and then holy moly shows off among the peeps our watch which unlocks our mac without even touching the keyboard.”

For that kind of magic to happen, Please make sure you link your watch to the mac beforehand by signing both devices in iCloud account, and the mac must have running macOS Sierra 10.12 or higher & newer versions. Use the mighty fingers towards the mac to choose system preferences > security & Privacy > general tab where you’ll choose watch to unlock the MacBook. And Viola! Magic on its way!

7. Sync music from MacBook

Be it Morning runs or time-consuming metro train rides, listen to music via your apple watch anytime and anywhere. Music can be synced to apple watch from the MacBook and iPhone both. Just make sure the watch is on charging while the process, no matter on the charger or through the USB to the MacBook. The Apple watch uses NFC (Near field communication) to sync the music. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then click the My Watch tab. Scroll to Music then tap the plus sign to Add Music to sync.

8. Set up SoS And Fall detection

The apple watch features an emergency SOS which could be customized and enabled in the companion apple watch app on your iPhone. Once settled up, the SOS emergency call is activated by pressing and holding the side button. A slider is displayed on the watch screen showing the number of people which are nearby and the watch can connect. The call is made on count down of three provided the watch is near your iPhone or a Wi-Fi so as to determine the location and to make appropriate calls even a person is in another country.

Fall detection– Just the same as SoS, Fall detection can also be enabled under the same Emergency SOS menu on the watch app on iPhone. The creators made a huge fuss about the fall detection feature when it was introduced in series 4, but this is never enabled by default and a user has to enable it manually.

9. Find the lost phone and the Movie theater mode

Ping your iPhone is the most known and handy feature of the apple watch that everybody might already know about. Watches don’t get lost because they are tied to our wrist, but phones often do get lost during those endless drunk parties. But with the apple watch, they could be easily found by just clicking one small phone icon on the watch menu. And your iPhone will start beeping loudly wherever it is.

Second of all is the Movie theater mode which comes handy if a person is movie fanatic. Adjusting the arm during a movie often disturbs other audiences when our apple watch wakes up with every tilt. Didn’t think of tilt at wake option could be this annoying? But with the two masked buttons on the watch when tapped once, the movie theater mode is turned on and won’t disturb you again for the next 3 hours.

Other cool Apple wall feature includes Apple pay, Face changes, Noise app and many more. You can even Make Minnie and Mickey’s face speak on the watch!!!

10. Activity rings

To get the most of this watch, you can always use this as a fitness tracker. Install the Apple health app from app store on your iPhone and connect this to your apple watch. Look for the icon with colorful rings on your apple watch. The three colored rings denote daily activity goals. Blue for standing, green for walking, and red for calorie count. The challenge per day is to close the rings by completely the daily activity tasks.

And still, the list goes on and on. We above have listed a few abundant amazes brought you by the apple watch. Follow us on social media handles for all the updates related to tech stuff.


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