6 Best Voice Changers for Discord


What is Discord?

For the people who don’t have the slightest of an idea, Discord is a free application used for voice over communication and chatting. It mainly is focused on gamers. The program offers a decent measure of control for people who have a knack for group chats and discussions of strategies while playing games alongside.

One can join in a conversation by entering into a server of their choice. A server is a channel created by any member aimed directly at one topic for discussion. Most of the Servers/channels found on Discord are on gaming, but one can quite find few on other topics as well like radio, literature, writing competitions, etc.

What are Voice changers and why bother to use them?

Certain kind of apps helps users modify their voice on live streaming. A few people use voice changers since it feels as though they make said individuals mysterious to hide their identity. A few trolls use them intending to tease and harass other members to create menace. Many young kids use voice changers to hide their age and sound more mature so they may go to 18+ gaming visits without being blocked. Some even try to forge the opposite gender’s voice to pretend a different sexual orientation utilizing voice changers to prank their team members and get good chunks of laughs.

Whatever might be the reasons behind your goal of voice modification, we hereby have compiled some of the best voice changing as available in the market.


1) ClownFish

Just like discord itself is a free voice changer compatible for Windows used for modifying voice while gaming on Discord. ClownFish stands out form the rest of the voice changer apps available because of its System-wide sound modification system which works beautifully in the background and changes any voice that pitches in via your system’s microphone. ClownFish works well with discord as well as some other platforms like Skype, steam, Mumble, Hangouts, etc. the voice effects provided by Clownfish include Male, female, Robot, Atari, Alien, baby, etc. The only con includes that there are no added or modulating voice effects except the custom pitch function.


2) Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice changer is one of the best real-time voice changing application? Set up of Voxal is pretty easy and features customizable to a very extent by a user. The basic version is free which almost satisfies all the user’s needs but if one wishes to go for the licensed version that is also quite inexpensive. The best thing about Voxal is that along with the live voice modifications, Voxal also modifies already recorded audio files and hence can serve equally as a sound editing tool.

Voxal offers effects like a robot, atmospheric, girl, boy, alien, echo and many more. The friendliness of the application to beginners sets it apart from the others available in the market but it also includes enough advanced features to make it worth a look even for seasoned voice changers. The application works with all voice chat services including Skype, Hangouts, and more.


3) VoiceMod

VoiceMod is more known as a game-winner for modifying the recorded voice. The results of recorded audio files are amazing. The real-time voice modification when discord also works pretty well. The application is easy to use and quick to set up. When you install the app it will add a new Microphone Input Device as Voice mod Virtual Audio Device which you can choose within the Voice settings of Discord. Voicemod is compatible with Discord, Twitch, Mumble, Hangout, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc.

It has inbuilt compatibility with currently popular games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG and more. Some of the well-known effects are cave, cathedral, possessed, and kong


4) AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer unlike other voice changing apps listed is not free. It is a paid application that comes in three packages basic, gold and diamond. One can choose according to its budget. The software comes with advanced virtual driver technology which makes it compatible with most VoIP programs, role-playing games, and web chat applications.

As the application is paid, yes it offers worthwhile features making it one of the best applications available for voice modification. This is because it works with more than just your voice. One can chop, edit, change and re-pitch any sound, including your voice in real-time or offline. You can custom your voice, pitch, and frequency to sound deeper, more feminine, and more masculine or whatever they want to sound like. AV Voice Changer is compatible with Skype, Discord, Twitch, Steam or other voice chatting app on PCs.

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5) MorphVox Jr

MorphVox Jr is also another free voice changing software. What makes MorphVox Jr different than others is that it uses such an algorithm which learns from your actual real voice to create a voice changing effect. The effects include man, woman, robot, baby, etc. the sound created is of very high quality and utilizes low CPU.

The app works fine in the background without hogging up the system. The only con include is the complicated setup which might takes hours to understand. But the quality produced is worth the time consumed in set up.


6) RoboVox Voice Changer

This voice changing application is specially designed for the robot fan club. This is a fun app that works on both recorded audio files and real-time voice overs. A person can apply any of the 32 presets included inside. The included vocoder innovation permits you to play with the sound continuously utilizing an inbuilt X/Y control cushion so you can get the pitch and the sound perfectly before you send it to someone.

Two of the fun perk includes the change in your voice and use it as your special ringtone. Imagine hearing a deadly and funny mechanical voice each time your telephone rings. You could even set a specific robot voice for each of your friend’s contact. And a parrot feature which repeats things back and extremely funny

The only thing to be beware of is that many of the websites online are selling the malicious version of the application which might harm your system. So if you think of getting a paid version, please buy it from a legit site.



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