BlogX 2017
BlogX 2017
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2017)

Before 2016 there were hardly any big events of blogging in India. But the revolution came in 2016 when BlogX was announced. Mr. Manmeet Pal Singh is the founder and Mr. Manoj Dhanda is the co-founder of this event. I think this is not that much important now because they already are the most popular people on Facebook at least on my wall they are for sure.  This event became a huge hit and gathered almost 400 bloggers across the country last year. You know why Jolly LLB 2 was made? Because its first part was a huge hit. So, the same happened with BlogX. Soon, the BlogX founders announced the 2nd series of BlogX  in December because of its huge hit in 2016 and the date was finalized to 11th February 2017. So, I’ll be covering the whole highlights of this year’s BlogX and share my unbiased review of the same in this article.



You all must be wondering what kind of surprises I am talking about that too in a blogging event where everyone just comes for networking, listening to others some get bored and nothing else. But guys I got a huge surprise from BlogX team. So, my first surprise was that I applied for the rising star category of BlogX and guess what I was nominated for the Rising star blogger of the year. They didn’t mail me or contacted me but they simply put my name in their official website. So, I was unaware of that. But when I saw my photo on that was a dream come true for me. I was about to become popular. Hahaha!


BlogX 2017


Second surprise for me was like I was the social media organizer of last year’s BlogX. That was also a great opportunity for me. But this year I was not sure of my name in organizing team of BlogX. But when on 11th in the morning I met Manmeet bhai and he simply said “chlo g saambo social media”. OMG! That was like yipppeeeeeeeeeeee.. and yeah don’t think that I was excited the whole day like this. That was a great opportunity for me and I didn’t want to lose it so I also put my efforts to make BlogX a super hit on Social media and somehow I achieved it.

Let’s Gain Some Knowledge :p

This year’s BlogX was full of women speakers and I appreciate team’s effort as they invited more and more women to BlogX because last year’s BlogX was very lonely without women bloggers. Apart from speakers many other women bloggers were also present there. This time it was looking a full package event and it proved too. Many women bloggers shared their story, journey and success which inspired me a lot. The Indic languages topic from Mr. Jatin nagpal was also quite knowledgeable though I felt it boring. Legal panel discussion gained my interest a lot because I also come from a family of lawyers and Mr. Jay Paudyal put more masala to it and made it an audience engaging topic. I still remember his line “mjhe jyda baba g baba g mat kho nhi to mjhe kbhi kbhi bhakti ki bhu aane lgti hai”. Thanks to Mr. Ankur raheja and Mr. Rodney D. Ryder for guiding us that whatever thing we do whether it is blogging or something else we must follow rules and regulations.


Special about BlogX

Bro Code

Now you all must be wondering that what is this Bro code right? You know what, we all call each other’s as “Bhai BHai” there. There’s no Sir word used in BlogX. That’s why everyone is so closely connected to each other there. Whether it is our senior, junior, speaker or organizing team all are closely connected by a single word “Bhai” and yeah I can’t say anything about girls. Aaahaannnn….BEHEN?..naaaa oye! :p


BlogX 2017 BlogX 2017



The other good thing about BlogX is that it keeps the audience engaged throughout the session. For this, many questioning is done from audience side and for this in between goodies are also provided to the audiences who ask some good questions or do some funny things that can make people laugh.

More a family thing than an event

BlogX is like a family to me. It doesn’t feel that we have come to some event or something. The love and affection they have given me can’t be expressed. Bloggers from all over India are connected by some kind of thread that has become so strong that now it’s impossible to break. Thanks to BlogX founders for creating such a strong thread of love, affection and blogging.


BlogX 2017


And Of course Networking

Many people including me come to BlogX especially for networking and to make connections with other bloggers. I also met many facebook friends with whom I was having connections on facebook from last 2 3 years but was unable to meet them. We took selfies more than we talked and unfortunately my battery drained to 10 % in just 2 hours. Apart from selfies we also shared and talked about many things related to blogging and I got a good chance of learning from my Fb friends.

Could be special about BlogX

Time management

Though BlogX was perfect in almost every aspect but the time management was not done properly. The event started very late that I don’t know why and many other people also talked about the timings of the event. As I saw many people got bored who came very early for the event.

Live session

Last year’s BlogX was not shown live. But this year they tried to manage live session through Facebook. But the whole session was not covered properly moreover my speech was also skipped in the live session. For that I really feel sad because this was my first time on the stage. But I appreciate the BlogX team that they almost managed to cover the whole live session of the event. As we all know improvement comes over time.

Selfie competition

Now you all must be wondering what’s this selfie competition is all about. Like Hackathon competition was done on that day, something should be done for the selfie lovers also. I have seen that day all the people were clicking selfies all around the ballroom with each other.  So, in order to gain more audience and create more interest towards BlogX these kinds of things should be done in between the event in order to keep the audience alive during the event.



Not a single targeted audience

Many people will disagree from this point but I feel that bloggers have different ideas and thoughts to share. There are many bloggers who only write to share their ideas and money comes secondary to them.  So this year’s BlogX was also full of these kinds of people. Also this year’s BlogX targeted different audiences. I mainly came to BlogX so to know more about tips and tricks of SEO. So, only presentation I liked was of Iftekhar Ahmed and Karan Vyas Bhai’s. But they also didn’t show many tricks. But it was related to my subject so I quite enjoyed it. Last year’s BlogX was full of blogging and SEO speakers. I quite gained more knowledge in last year’s BlogX if we compare to this times BlogX. I felt Indic languages topic boring maybe that was something informative for others. I felt women discussion panel interesting maybe that was something boring for others.  Everyone has his/her own views.

Last but not the least

Do something more on social media pages

BlogX was going viral on Facebook and twitter. But what about BlogX’s official pages? There are only 1,298 likes on FB page and I think 102 followers on twitter. That’s too low. Looking at its popularity it should have more than 10K likes and followers on social media. Though I was the social media organizer of BlogX but all the time I don’t have the full access to these pages.

SO, guys this is my everything that was in my mind. I hope you people liked my article on BlogX and yeah next time don’t forget to come to BlogX. Awesome event with awesome people.