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There are plenty of cool apps out there, but if you’re an Android user, these are the best of the best in 2019.

2018 was a great year for Android apps.

More and more, people are turning their phones into incredible multi-tools for playing games, maintaining productivity, paying bills, and playing music.

App creation is on an incredible creative streak and remains on the rise. The battle between Apple and Android is far from settled, but each seems to have their devotees.

Both have great platforms and cool apps, and both companies seem to bring out the best in one another.

It’s scary and wonderful to think that the best native Android apps are still to come, but that may just be the case.

As we stumble into the future, young app developers seem to be directing the ship where it needs to go. That’s okay with us, as long as we keep getting cool new apps every year.

Here are the 10 coolest Android apps that users have to download in 2019.

Cool Apps for Art/Music

App Creator tutorials show us that we can create our own apps with minimal training nowadays. This has led to some cool, creative people getting in on app development.

Here are some of the best art, photography, and music apps for Android in 2019.


Over is an app that allows you to put text over images for Instagram posts or Snapchat. You can select from a range of canvas sizes for different uses, and you can adjust the contrast and exposure of your pictures.

The free functions on this app put it up against any other free photo editing app on the Play Store. If you pay the hefty price tag of $60, you’ll get way more templates, hundreds more fonts, and extra graphics to play around with.

If your job requires you to post a lot of social media posters with text, the price is worth it.


If you haven’t used or purchased music from Bandcamp before, it’s a great place to support young up-and-coming artists by avoiding paying most of the money to a middle man. The bands upload their music and get paid directly, with Bandcamp taking a small cut.

The Bandcamp app is great for discovering new music. Most of it is available to stream for free and easily accessible when you make a purchase.

For those that need help finding new music, listen to the Bandcamp podcast, which highlights new artists every episode.


Sketchbook has been around on both Android and iOS platforms for a while, but the reason it’s on this list is that all of the features are now free.

Import images in whatever quality you’ve got, and use the hundreds of brushes and other tools that SketchBook has become known for. Being completely free makes this app a can’t-lose download.

If you do get this app, as with most sketching apps, you should use it on a large phone or tablet to take full advantage of its features.

Cool Health & Food Apps

Our phones are our trainers, dietitians, and yogi’s nowadays. These are some of the best apps for physical and mental health, and cooking.


This is another app that’s been around for a long time. Endomondo is a tool for tracking your fitness. Unlike most fitness apps that only track running, walking, and cycling, Endomondo can track up to 60 additional sporting activities.

Use this app to keep up with your fitness regimen, and keep track of your caloric intake and heart rate. Share the results of your workouts with your friends for some friendly competition to stay motivated.

Endomondo is updated frequently and is continually one of the best apps for tracking health and fitness.


Seven is an aptly named 7-minute workout challenge app. Perfect for the on-the-go person who doesn’t have time to hit the gym or someone who hasn’t worked out in a while and wants to get into it.

The app contains loads of workouts, none of which require any equipment.

There are also tons of features to incentivize your use of the app; workout plans catered to losing weight or building muscle, and a 7-month challenge that motivates you to stay with your plan.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Unlike most recipe apps that contain a database of pre-selected recipes, Paprika has none. Instead, it searches the web for recipes and imports the data into the app for you to hang on to.

It imports all of the ingredients and instructions. If you want to tweak the recipe a little, you’re welcome to do so and save it within the app.

There’s also a shopping list feature within the app to make grocery shopping for your favorite recipes a breeze.


Calm, along with Headspace, is at the forefront of meditation phone apps. As we get more linked with our technology, we occasionally need a way to unwind. What better way to do that than meditating with your phone?

Calm has meditation exercises for the seasoned meditator or someone who’s just starting out. The exercises will fall under different categories depending on what you’d like to focus on, and you’ll be guided by one of the app’s instructors.

Cool Apps for Productivity

Productivity and overuse of our smartphones are at the forefront of app development in 2019. Here are some of the best apps for maintaining productivity in the face of screen fatigue.

App Usage Tracker

There are a few phone usage trackers on the market. App usage tracker is a good alternative to Google’s Digital Wellbeing, which isn’t widely available. It tracks how much you use each of your apps, at what time of the day, and how long you use them for.

It’ll show you all of this information in handy pie-charts and graphs. If you’re scared of seeing how much you use a certain app, you’re welcome to hide it. But it’s overall a handy tool for keeping track of which apps you use the most.


Following up with the App Usage Tracker, we have Hold. This one helps you waste less time on your phone and rewards you for it with real-life prizes. How far we’ve come.

Its process is simple. When you put your phone down, click “hold” and a timer will begin. For every 20 minutes that you don’t use your phone, you get 10 points towards a prize from a participating establishment.


This is a great app for Android users who are terrified of constantly having to give permission to their apps.

When an app asks for permission, Bouncer will pop up and ask you whether you’d like to continue with the permission or turn it off when you close the app.

It’s not a fun app but useful for the sceptic.

Apps On The Rise

In 2019, we expect to see more cool apps encouraging us to be productive both on our phones and off them.

As smartphones have become fully integrated into our lives, developers are beginning to realize that spending too much time on your phone is affecting us as negatively as it is positively.

It’s wild to think that we’re only about 10-15 years into smartphone app development. The growth in creativity and ingenuity in that time is staggering. Where it goes from here, we don’t know.

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