amazing Google facts


What you do when you want an information regarding anything ???? The best answer is GOOGLE. Google has almost every answer of your any question. Google has become a part of our lives nowadays. Everything has become very easy because of Google whether we say study, cooking or anything else. Google also has some hidden facts that you people surely don’t know about or never hear of. So today we will unfold some fascinating facts about google for you people. Following are some of the amazing Google fun facts:

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  • The original name given to Google by its co-founder was “BACKRUB” which really means a website that will do your work on the internet.
  • Recent facts shows an report that since 2010 Google is acquiring on an average of one company at one week.

amazing google fun facts

  • A fun fact of Google is that Google has its reflected version called (elgoog) , where you see everything in the reverse order.
  • The founder of the google wanted to sell Google in 1999 to a company named “Excite”­­ only in $1mn, but the CEO of the Excite rejected the offer. Today the net worth of the google is $527 billion.
  • Google itself can convert the numeric numbers into words you have to just write in search tab in this manner (12244= English). Comment what you get after search.
  • The process rate of Google is about 20 petabyte of information daily, which means 1 million GB of information every day.
  • The founders of Google didn’t know about HTML that’s why Google’s homepage is bare.
  • 90% of Google’s income come from advertising though they sell Google devices such as pixel and all. So, we can say that it is a kind of advantage over disadvantage.
  • Google also take care of its employees. In USA, Google provide benefits to the surviving spouse that will receive about 50% of her husband’s salary every year for next 10 years.

amazing google fact

  • You can also play different games on Google without downloading any game on your computer. You simply have to type the name of a game and the game will appear directly on the first page of Google. Simply type these names and you’ll see the magic. Following are some games that you can play on your own Google:
  • Snake
  • Mario
  • Tic tac toe
  • Pac man
  • Standford university still own the patent of Google’s algorithm, named PageRank.
  • Google was started in Susan Wojcicki’s garage and do you know who is Susan Wojcicki?  Wojcicki is now CEO of YouTube.
  • Google’s first tweet was very geaky type and the tweet was like this “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” For non-binary people it is very difficult to tell what it is. Well it’s a well-known sentence of Google “I am feeling lucky”.

amazing google facts

  • Majority of employees in Google are white, male and Asian people. Recently the statistics shows that the number of white people has decreased from 59 percent to 56 percent and the number of Asian people as employees have been increased from 32 percent to 35 percent.
  • Google’s new feature called the street view has about 28 million miles of photographed roads which is just amazing.
  • Another amazing feature of Google is the Google gravity. If you simply type Google gravity on the search tab and then click on I’m feeling lucky, whole of the Google page will result in zero gravity and the tabs and everything on the page will start floating here and there. Go and check out this amazing feature from Google.

amazing google fun fact

So, guys this was all about amazing fun facts about Google that many of the people don’t know about. Google is very interesting since the day it has been launched. With changing time, it has also changed according to our needs and requirements which is great for people like us. Nowadays it has become very easy to lead a comfortable life only because of Google. Though there are also some disadvantages of using Google like people are becoming lazy, children spend hours surfing on Google, books are now available online for reading which has decreased the overall people’s number in public libraries, people don’t go out for shopping as they can order everything online thus making them lazy. So, with advantages there are also many disadvantages of Google. But if we use it in a proper way then it can be a very powerful weapon for common people.





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