15 Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

top 15 offline shooting games for android


We all like games. Some prefer it outdoors while others like to dive into the virtual world of sci-fi zombies, dragons and other terrifying creatures. And why not? Games are perfect for combating boredom and shooting games are at the top of the list. But sometimes a poor internet connection can ruin everything. However, if you get your hands on a few offline shooting games, there’s no way you’ll be left pondering, “How should I spend my time?” These games don’t consume data or even require a working internet connection. All you got to do is install them once and enjoy, with or without the internet. So, here’s a list of some of the best offline shooting games for your android smartphones that will surely make the best of your free time.


Shadowgun offline shooting game

This is another anti-utopian game set in the year 2350 where corrupt intergalactic corporations have taken over the world. You play the role of the infamous bounty hunter John Slade, and your mission is to hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon a maniac and leader of a mutant group. The tactical undertakings of this game have been designed according to real military strategies and demand a lot of planning on the part of the player. The game offers console-like experience, exceptional audio quality, and advance combat A.I. This is the perfect game for those who are into nerdy sci-fi stuff and like complex games with HD graphics.

Overkill 3

Overkill 3 best offline game

This game is set in a dystopian future where you are going to be a part of the resistance against the evil forces. The game is a continuation of the Overkill series with better graphics and more customizable controls. Other than console-quality details this game will keep you on the edge with its epic boss battles. This is a tough game that requires quick action and fast reflexes. It might seem difficult at first but eventually, you will get a hold of it and defeat the oppressors and save the oppressed.

N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy shooting game android

N.O.V.A is an award-winning sci-fi series and this game is based on the first episode of that series. The player plays as Kal Wardin, the hero of this game whose duty is to fight against the enemies of the Colonial Administration forces. The developers claim to provide an immersive offline experience with enhanced 3D graphics and gameplay. You can play the single-player campaign anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. This shooting game can be played in multiple modes with the Story Mode being available offline also. The app is only 46MB in size and doesn’t consume much space either.

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Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets offline shooting game

A gripping story-line, easy controls, and high-speed action are the defining features of this actually crazy game. You get the opportunity to become a hero of the Wild West with this super energetic and funny game. The characters are also weirdly peculiar such as Mean desperados and American ninjas, beautiful damsels in distress, Rusty the robot cowboy, Savage vultures, evil piranhas, and dumb chickens. The game can be played in 3 locations with over 50 levels and about 200 missions. Its non-serious configuration is what makes this game more exciting and fun.

Lone Wolf

Lonewolf offline game

This game is suitable for people over the age of 17 and should not be played by children. This is a neo-noir sniper game that will surely put your morals to a test. You have to take up the role of a mysterious assassin who works for a secret criminal organization ‘The Assembly’. You can choose from a huge variety of weapons such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, bombs, and even use your bare hands when nothing is available. This game is complex with moral dilemmas lurking in unexpected situations. The game is famous for being intense and brutal and is ideal for those who are looking for serious combat with an intricate plot.

Hitman: Sniper shooter

Hitman Sniper shooting game android

In this game, you step into the shoes of Agent 47, an assassinator and can venture over 150+ missions and 10 different contracts. Its smooth graphics, high-quality audio, and a thrilling storyline make the gaming experience even more immersive. The game centers on the use of snipers and does not have any close combat options as it’s a hitman game. This a tactical game and requires proper planning on the part of the player about the assassination. All you got to do kill targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most dangerous guns.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 shooter game android

Dead effect 2 is an upgrade of Dead Effect, an exceptional shooter on android and provides console-quality gaming experience. The game has an enticing storyline, tons of upgradable weapons, and breathtaking graphics. The plot is narrated by professional voice actors with movie-quality sound effects. Other than fully customizable controls this game offers a lot of interesting features and takes the gaming experience to another level. The 20+ hours of campaign gameplay will keep you immersed and safe from boredom for a very long time.

Dead Trigger 2                          Dead Trigger 2 shooting game offline

Dead Trigger 2 is an award-winning zombie offline shooting game for android with over 110 million downloads. The game is basically about killing zombies or the walking dead who are now a threat to humans. Your job is to save mankind by exterminating zombies and there are plenty of ways to do that. A multitude of weapons ranging from chainsaws, swords, and machetes to powerful pistols, snipers, rocket launchers and experimental weapons are at your disposal. Build a hideout and wipeout zombies over 600 gameplay war scenarios, with over 70 types of weapons and live an apocalypse straight from the movies.

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the Dead 2 offline shooting game

This game is a sequel to the hit zombie action game ‘Into the Dead’ with only one aim, that is survival. You are thrown right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse where to protect your family is your only goal. It also includes story events such as a prequel to The Night of The Living and an elaboration of the Ghostbusters series. It has 60 stages, numerous challenges, immersive environments and an option of choosing between 7 different endings. This offline shooting game is free but offers in-app purchases and also works on offline mode.

Cover Fire

Cover Fire shooter game offline

This game is one of the best shooting games that provides easy controls, realistic 3D graphics, and fun offline missions. Cover Fire is among the few offline games that give a console-like experience as well as a vast variety of unique characters to choose from. In addition to great graphics, the sound effects of this game are also exceptional. The game is sure to make you feel like a real commander with his own army, who is about to hit the battlefield against the sinister forces. Formulate a plan, train the soldiers, and destroy as many enemies as possible in this super-cool shooting game

Kill Shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo android shooting game

This shooting game very rightly claims to be the king of 3D sniper games where the players have to fight terrorists, zombies, and evil armies in order to save the world. You will play as a Special Forces Soldier who has to go on secret missions. From guerrilla combat to recon missions the game has a large variety of modes to choose from. You get to play in stunning 3D environments and hijack vehicles for close combat. This game is surely worth a shot if you are a fan of offline shooting games for android OS.

Unkilled: FPS Shooting Zombie Game

Unkilled offline shooting game android

This is another award-winning FPS shooting game that lets you hunt down zombies with a large arsenal of weapons. The war is between the living and the dead and follows a very intriguing storyline. You can customize your character and guns according to the missions you are and also use the auto-fire mode when the situation seems to get out of hand. Its graphics make this game a treat for the eyes and create such an immersive experience that’ll make you forget your real world. It’s a decent zombie apocalypse situation for those of you, who’d love to watch the dead go back to being dead again.

Dead Target: Zombie Plague

Dead Target shooting game offline android

This is a first-person shooter zombie game that is very popular among gamers. Like all other zombie games, here also you are put into a dystopian future, with mankind in grave danger. It’s the year 2040 and you are in the middle of WW3. Bioterrorism has become the choice of weapon and a virus is infecting the human-race, converting them into zombies. You have to survive at any cost. Mow-down as many zombies as possible with powerful weapons. The 3D graphics make this game realistic and make it a must-try for those who need nice offline shooting games for android smartphones.

Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem 2 offline game android

Major Mayhem 2, is an action-packed, visually stunning game, loaded with a variety of features. HD graphics, excellent animation, sound effects, and hundreds of missions to choose from are just some of its top assets. Even in the offline mode the player can play anywhere, be it on the bus, on the subway or on the plane. This game is a level-up of its older version “Major Mayhem”, with new missions, challenges, game-modes and a lot more. Each level has a unique sound-scape that makes the game more indulging and exciting. Win the daily quests by efficiently using your character’s abilities and win the epic boss battle by demonstrating all that you have learned in the journey. 

Major Gun: War on Terror

Major Gun Shooting game android

The arcade-style gameplay, amazing 3D graphics, and more than 100 exciting missions make this game an ideal boredom buster. Machine-guns, rifles, shot-guns, grenades and a load of other machines are available to the players who have to save the society from terrorists, maniacs, and psychopaths. The FPS sniper mode is accessible even offline with a variety of locations available. The PVP mode of this game allows its users to play with each other over a local network and is a perfect way to test your shooting skills. Among the many arcade-style offline shooting games suitable for android smartphones, this is one of the best.

So these were some of the best offline shooting games for android that will satisfy the gamer in you, as well as make your boring free-time fun and exciting. These games are sure to make you feel like you’re really in the gaming universe.

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