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We live in a world that is almost entirely dependent on technology. New advancements are being made every day, and one of the biggest examples is an interactive rectangle that we keep in our hands or our pockets at all times.

Since advanced technology has taken over so much of our lives, it only makes sense to incorporate them into our children’s education as well. I mean, traditional methods of teaching are great but without technology do they fall in line with what our kids need to learn today?

Traditional methods should go hand in hand with technological advancements so that our children can receive education at its finest. So without any further ramble, let us look at five of the best gadgets that make our classrooms smarter.



Kindles are easily a staple for every school going child these days. Hard and soft cover textbooks are expensive, bulky, and a downright inconvenience as compared to a Kindle which is slim, lightweight, and can carry thousands of books at one time.

Some people will still want to argue that paperback textbooks are eternal and we do agree to a slight extent, but the truth is that Kindles and similar devices are the future. A Kindle has many features that make it the perfect tool for children to understand conveniently.

First of all, Kindles have made learning new words extremely easy. Children rarely ever pick up dictionaries to look for new words, in fact, they don’t even bother Googling new words because it is too much effort for them. With the Kindle, looking up new words in infinitely easier because you simply have to tap on the word in question and its meaning is displayed on the screen.

Other than that, navigation to specific parts of a book is much easier on a Kindle as compared to a paperback or hardcover textbook. If you want to look for the occurrence of a specific word in your book, you simply have to type it in the navigation bar, and it will take you to all the instances that the word has appeared in the book.

Kindles are also easier on the eyes as compared to tablets and phones, if you believe that tablets and phones can serve the same purpose. The display on the Kindle is different from that of phones and tablets.

You can check out Kindle Paperwhite in Malaysia if you want your child to learn smarter in class. There are also thousands of books available on Amazon specifically for the Kindle along with thousands of free reference books as well.


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Phones may not work as great as digital textbooks. However, there are hundreds of other functions in a phone that can make the whole learning experience easy and fun for all children.

First of all, there are many note-taking apps available in the Play Store. You can simply switch on this app on your phone and listen to your professor’s lecture while your phone takes all your notes for you! It is simple yet highly efficient.

Other than that, if you have a phone on hand, you always have thousands of online resources on hand too, provided that you also have an internet connection, though! You can easily make use of your phone to do quick research for your work in class. You can also take your teacher’s slides and look at them later.


Audio Equipment

Audio enhancements include gadgets such as wireless microphones and speakers with superior sound quality so all children in the classroom can make out what the teacher wants them to hear. With a wireless microphone, teachers can walk around the classroom while speaking so that they can pay individual attention to the children while teaching, read this article here. High-quality speakers will also ensure that the children in the classroom can decipher each word the teacher is speaking so that the teacher does not have to repeat for other children separately.


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Smart Boards and Tables

Smartboards are wall mounted boards that offer infinitely more benefits than their plain white counterparts. They are an interactive space which multiple children can utilize at once. They also connect to the internet which makes thousands of online resources available to the classrooms. You can also attach phones and other peripheral devices to a smartboard and view material from there.

Smart tables are like a smartboard in table form. The advantage that a smart table has on a smartboard is that it is a bigger interactive space that more people can utilize at once.


Cameras are excellent as projectors that can teach multiple classes at once. These cameras combined with a high-quality sound system can open the academic experience for many classes all at once. Cameras are also excellent tools for assessment of the performance of teachers and the students’ response towards each class.

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