An essential part in writing whether it is an article, a post, a book, or any text that is going to be published for consumption by other people, is the title.

Tips for creating a striking title

If you want someone to stop to read you, pin them with a smart title. As we have mentioned in other entries, when writing for the Web we are competing with thousands of other writers who also seek the attention of potential readers, so it is essential that we always find a way to offer creative answers.

Mental note: offer your product or service in a different and ingenious way.

Obviously it is not about writing deceptive titles or giving the potential customer a false idea of ​​the product or service, because, if so, you could lose a large number of readers in a matter of seconds. Remember: users seek solutions and truthful information; if you do not manage to captivate them with valuable content the first time; it is very unlikely that they will give you a second chance. The titles that you give to your texts could make the difference.

How to choose flashy titles?

First of all, establish your theme well. It may be that you start writing about a specific topic and end up talking about a very different one because one issue took you, without realizing it, to another. Has it happened to you? For this reason, it might be better to decide the name of your text upon completion. In this way, you can be sure that the “promise” you are making to the reader in your title is effectively fulfilled in the development of the contents. You want to know more? Here we present 5 tips to choose a striking title:

1. It includes the subject of the article. Try to explain shortly what the reader will find in your text.

  1. Emphasizes what the reader must do to achieve a certain result. Provide your reader with simple instructions that can be guided to get something specific. The more segmented your information is, the reader will find it easier to read it.

    3. Ask your reader. This will give a more personal tone to what you are writing. For example, the following title: Do you know if your title is striking? The introduction by way of question gives the reader an understanding that we will let you know if you meet the requirements. And if your content is good, you will answer the question

  2. Take into account SEO techniques. Use one of your keywords in your title to better position your content. But for very serious project, you should get help from professionals like what you can find on Thus, you will generate more traffic to your page. Do not forget that, along with the title, your content should also be great. If your reader does not find what he expected in your text, he will most likely not return to your site.
  3. Give your personal touch. Writing is like drawing: everyone has their own style. Make the features of your writing work in your favor. In this way, the level of connection you have with your readers will increase significantly. Someone could, for example, recognize your personal “touch” in a title because it probably “sounds like something you would say”.



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