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Have you ever thought, what is the purpose of our life? It is a mysterious and remarkeble question. This question sometimes click in our mind, don’t it?

As a  human, we are not only here to live our own life. We are not here to live seperately, As  we know that there is a saying that we are social animals(we already read in our school time that it was said by a great philosopher  Aristotle) . Social animal means we are here to help each-other and take our social responsibility. We are here to make a change in our society. We are here to live altogether a happy and meaningful life.

In ancient time people had less work and enough time to take social responsibilty and made a difference in one’s life,but in the current age or whatever you say in the modern life, due to work pressure as well so many factors, we don’t have enough time  to take our social responsibilty. We are badly busy in our daily life,even we do not have enough time to think.

Since we are human and it is a human nature that when we are looking on someone who is suffering from something or in miserable situation we urge to help them  by  any means  to make a change in one’s life.

At this point of time, we are confused that what should we have to do to make a difference in one’s life? How can we change one’s life? What are the ways to make a difference in one’s life? What are the genuine means to help someone, make a meaningful life and take a part in social responsibility revolutionary.

These means make our mind peaceful and make a sense of our life. It leads to the path where we can make a social responsible society and give a purpose to our life.

These means are also known as “Fundraising organizations”. They work for social equality, social awareness, betterment for society, for poor people, for  people who are suffering from something. Their work for in the name of God who created all. They work for social issues not for making profit. They are government approved non-profit organizations.

To take this social responsibility forward in a revolutionary manner, here are many crowd funding  and donation websites by which we can support any social cause.

  1. Donorbox
  2. UNICEF(United Nation Children’s Fun)
  3. Kidpower
  4. Milaap
  5. Impact Guru
  6. Humanitarian

All the above non-profit organizations run ad or other means to raise funds. As well they use a secure fundraising platforms.

Most of the organizations use a fundraising platform so that their transactions must be  secure and full proof.  These platforms are very responsive and even make website easy  to be used by donator.

Some of the top 5 fundraising platforms or softwares are :-

  1. Donorbox
  2. Click N’ Pledge
  3. Funraise
  4. Donately and
  5. Crowdrise

All the above fundraising platforms or software are very popular however “Donorbox” keeps a significant importance to use and very close to my heart because of the ease of its use.

Donorbox also has a free  powerful  and secure WordPress donation plugin. It is secured by  SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS(Transport Layer Security). It is easy to use and is absolutely free less than $1000 in donations for a month.

Some of the follwing important points about “Donorbox” that make a reason to use:

  1. Customizable Donation Form:
  • Can be ready to deploy in 15 minutes and even faster to fill in
  • Brand the donation page with own colour scheme, styling and logo
  • Create custom input fields to make the forms quick to complete
  • Insert set amounts for donors to select by clicking or allow them to specify their own amount
  1. Easy Fundraising
  • It accepts multiple currencies via PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • ACH payments are also accepted
  • Quick and easy checkout
  1. Secure payment gateway
  • Fully PCI Complaint and  protected by SSL/TLS technology

Some of the above features give us a reason to use “Donorbox” as one of the best fundraising and donation website.

If you have any doubt in using this platform then we are happy to help you.


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