6 Parallel Space Alternatives (2020)



Some apps do not allow multiple accounts and this can be a little problematic. Parallel space is an app that lets its users use the same app simultaneously with multiple accounts. For instance, in dual-sim phones, the user can make two WhatsApp accounts and manage both, the personal as well as the business in just one device. Here are some of the best alternatives to parallel space in case you wish to switch to another similar application.

Clone App

Clone App

As the name suggests, this is a very good alternative to parallel space and can be used to clone apps. This app not only helps in managing and accessing multiple accounts on the same device but also shows no ads. The app has built-in VPN and supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit apps. The app also offers various themes that can be set according to one’s liking.

DO Multiple Accounts

Do Multiple Accounts

This is another great app that can be used as an alternative to parallel space. The highlight of this app is that it lets you create more than one clone of an application and ensures that the switch between these multiple clones is smooth and quick. The privacy features such as disabling notifications of the clone you wish to keep personal makes this app even more useful. It is highly customizable and usually works smoothly even when multiple clones are being used.



Island is a parallel space alternative, that makes cloning possible for the parallel running of multiple accounts. You can use a VPN on one side while the other can be accessed without it, or you can use two different VPNs on both sides. Although the app offers no privacy protection, you can hide the app in case you want to keep your data safe. The app claims to be safe and collects no personal information of the user and also does not drain the battery.

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Dual Space

Dual space

Dual Space is another app like the parallel space app that lets the user access two accounts on one app by making its clones. This is a very useful app not just for social media lovers but for gamers as well. Although the customization options aren’t many, it is compatible with WhatsApp, which is not very common. It also ensures strict privacy in case you wish to keep your data hidden.


Dual space

This is an open-source app that uses the “work-profile” feature of android to provide the user with an isolated, where the desired apps can be installed and cloned. The most impressive feature of this app is that it is free of advertisements. It is also battery-friendly but the only downside is that it cannot co-exist with any other cloning apps. This can be problematic for those who want to create more than one clone of the apps.

Dual Apps

Dual space

As the name suggests, it’s another very widely used app that is used to make copies of both social media and gaming applications. This app ensures the privacy of the users as you can hide the private account and also leaves no traces of another account on the phone. You can easily switch between the accounts as their data is separate and they do not interfere with each other.

So these were some of the parallel space alternatives that you can install on your device and access multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously. Hope you found this article useful, let us know in the comments.

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