6 reasons not to buy redmi note 3

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a phone which every user will go for it but it has few shortcomings which do not make it complete comfort. The phone has lot many other great specs which makes it amazing device for the user such as Fingerprint sensor, huge 4000 mAh battery, 16 MP camera lens, 3 GB RAM and many other powerful features. So now we will be briefly discussing few points where it did not stand out for the user who are looking forward to buy it.

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  1. Low light imaging:

The phone does have 16 MP primary camera and 5 MP selfie camera and records video at 30 pixels per second with 1080 resolution. But it stills does not provide the user to capture the moments under low light vividly. The camera works average in the night time and provides grainy spots while capturing photos or recording videos at night time. The phone should have come with night vision technology so this problem would not have arisen. The phone does have powerful camera quality but does not record videos at 4K. This feature would have made the camera a complete camcorder.


  1. No Gorilla Glass:

The phone does not have any protected screen which was expected for this segment phone. The screen should have been guarded by Gorilla Glass covering so the scratches or the breakage on the screen was easily possible. The guard would have made the user to not seek for any screen guard or tempered glass.


6 reasons not to buy redmi note 3 1


  1. Poor sunlight legibility:

The phone has a sharp and crystal clear viewing angles but the screen should have been made more legible to view it under sunlight. The phone lacks the clarity while performing under the sunlight.


  1. Hybrid Dual Sim Slot:

The phone has two dedicated SIM slots but one can be used as SIM slot other card as microSD card slot. There is no other slot for the microSD card which means the user is handicapped to use both slots as SIM slots if he is using microSD card in one slot.


6 reasons not to buy redmi note 3 2


  1. No removable battery:

The phone showcases the classy metal body but the user is not able to put his hand over battery as it is not removable which means it cannot be replaced if it gets drained out.


  1. No Quick Charge:

The phone provides fast charging to it users but lacks the Qualcomm Quick Charge support. Though it is not big issue but it would have risen the bar of this gadget tremendously.    

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