Portable Tech Gadgets You Will Want To Use Everyday

Owning the latest, handy, and smallest gadgets available in the market adds to our coolness. The small-sized electronics are quite cost-effective as well as easy to carry. When it comes to traveling from one place to the other, it gets difficult to make space for everything. Moreover, everyone prefers to carry a few light-weight and small-sized products to lessen the burden. Besides the usual tech accessories such as power bank, ring holder, sound bars, etc., we have gathered a list of the best gadgets that you will want to use every day. Here are seven portable tech gadgets that you would wish to carry with you everywhere:

  • Handy Bluetooth Speakers

There are times when we want to enjoy the moment and share the music out loud; for this, we must keep mini-speakers in our bags. With a strong Bluetooth connection, they make it easier for you to play your favorite track from your own smartphone or someone else’s. It is a cool pocket-sized party companion that you can buy for your friends as well.

  • Health Tracking Gadgets

In case, you are looking for a nice gift for tech obsessed friend, you can buy a health tracking watch for a guy and a health tracking pendant for a girl. Fitbit has really cool watches that not just track your activities but your heart rate as well. Other than that, Bellabeat Leaf Urban health tracker is a beautiful fitness pendant that collects the activity metrics whenever you wear it. The pendant can track your stress level, burnt calories, menstrual cycles and much more.

  • Noise-Isolating Earbuds

We all like to carry a pair of earbuds with us whenever we are on the move. Having good sound quality earbuds that block out external noises is a huge plus. Moreover, if they are ergonomic earbuds, they can easily fit according to the size and shape of your ears. Pokémon-themed earbuds have an amazing noise isolating capacity and are cost-effective too.

  • Folding Keyboard

IClever has introduced a folding keyboard so anyone can carry it effortlessly. It is connected via Bluetooth to the tablet or smartphone you are using. It is definitely a great investment for book authors, e-book writers, as well as all the business men out there. It is compatible with all the smart devices; therefore, it is convenient for everyone and anyone can buy it without giving it a second thought.

  • Telescopic Ladder

A telescopic ladder is an incredible gadget that copies the concept of modern space-saving furniture. A telescopic ladder has an extendable design, light-weight, sturdy and durable material. Another amazing thing about the telescopic ladder is its small size, which makes it portable as well. So, you can carry a ladder with you everywhere and that too, quite easily. You can check out some of the most amazing telescopic ladders by clicking here.

  • Portable Water Purifier

Carrying a reliable travel-sized water purifier is really cool. SteriPEN Ultra water purifier is a prize-winning gadget. It is a great investment as it can purify the water from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms in less than no time. It uses UV rays to kill about 99% of the germs found in water. It must be carried everywhere to ensure you are drinking pure and safe water. It has Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. Wait for the smiley face to glow and you are good to drink the purified water.

  • Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

People with heart problems, blood pressure issues, and tense minds ought to have a portable blood pressure monitoring device all the time. It will ensure normalcy of your blood pressure level. You can sync it with your smartphone through Bluetooth and get an instant measurement. It will help you keep a track of your blood pressure and ease your way to control it before it reaches the damaging edge.




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