Samsung gear S2 2
Samsung gear S2 2

Today the world is full of innovations and the Samsung gear S2 is all about innovation. Who would pay about INR.20, 000 for a watch? If you people think it’s just a watch then you are wrong. If you own a smart watch in today’s world then there is no need to have a smartphone because these smart watches will provide you with all the functionality that you get in smartphones. Samsung Gear S2 was launched by Samsung in the month of August. It was impressive at the first glance but how about its functionality? Let’s find it out.


Samsung gear S2 5


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The Samsung gear S2 comes with three versions: the Gear S2 3G, the Gear S2 classic and the Gear S2 standard. We will talk about more on the standard Gear S2 and the Classic Gear S2. Three devices are almost similar in shape and looks and identical on the inside except Gear S2 3G has an e-SIM and speaker for calls, GPS. Also it has large battery life 300 mAh than the 250 mAh battery lives of other two variants.


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Both the Classic and Standard S2 are made of stainless steel. Both watches come with 1.2 inches AMOLED display covering the screen by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The Classic is little lighter and thinner than the Standard Gear S2. It has more traditional look rather than the sporty look. The Standard S2 has smoother bezel than the Classic S2 but both rotate very smooth. The Gear S2 classic has a leather strap with a buckle similar to the Huawei watch while Gear S2 standard comes with rubber band strap. Both the watches come with Heart-rate sensor at the middle of the back and stainless steel surrounds the back of the watches.


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Both the watches come with Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi. But it’s better to use Bluetooth more than the Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi requires more battery power than Bluetooth. The Gear S2’s display has a ppi of 302 which is quite impressive and the display looks stunning. There are about 10 brightness settings available for the users with 17 pre-loaded watch face designs. There is 4 GB internal storage available in the watches with 512 MB of RAM. These watches are dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes.


Samsung gear S2 5


So the Samsung Gear S2 watches superbly looks attractive and come with an attractive rotating bezel which is very useful. Gear S2 is a little low in competition with the Apple watches but watches are going to give a tough competition to the other smart watches in the market like Moto 360, Huawei Watch and much more.



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