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Today we are reviewing about the all new Nikon D750 full DSLR. It has bagged the camera of the year in 2015.  It is the third full frame DSLR of the year and is most significant. D750 borrows elements from the most affordable D610 and the pro-upgrade D810 and sits in between them. It is a good choice for those who want to say bye to DX or FX cameras. D750’s build quality is almost similar to D700 but it sits above D700 in terms of features, high resolution superior auto focus and much faster processor. It has the potential to become the most popular camera for Nikon in terms of its DSLR line up.


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Talking about its design, it’s not fully made up of Magnesium alloy unlike D810 but the camera front and the rear plates are made up of magnesium alloy. Most of the camera is made up of a combination of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber thus making this camera very lightweight and easy to use. It only weighs 750 g. The grip of the camera is now more comfortable than the D610. It comes with weather sealed, moisture and dust protection thus the camera can survive in tough weather conditions. Only the thing that will hurt the camera enthusiasts is the D750’s LCD, it is now smaller and shows less information. But the information it shows is very friendly and easy to use. There is an “I” button to the left of the screen which is used for quick changes to the settings like picture control, HDR and much more.


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D750 comes with 24.3 MP sensors which is quite impressive. In light it captures crisp clear pictures with an ISO in between 100-200. You should always use lowest ISO’s like 100 or 200 when there is plenty of light in order to retain good detailing of pictures. In whatever ISO you capture pictures in D750 it will never let you down. Also the dynamic range of the camera is fantastic just like the other Nikon DSLR’s. Autofocus and accuracy is also excellent. D750 comes with improved 51-point AF system which lacks in D810. Autofocus performance in both daylight and lowlight conditions is excellent. So we can say that D750 has got best autofocus system.


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You also don’t need to worry about its Lens selection because D750 has got a lot of resolution. Don’t use DX lenses for the D750 as it will lose half the resolution. Talking about its battery, the camera has got 1230 shot CIPA-rated battery life, so it can take many more shots than any other Nikon DSLR. So, overall the D750 is an all-rounder performer with solid build quality and superb image quality. If you want to upgrade from the older D700 than D750 will be a great choice for you. It is available at a price tag of INR. 1, 24, 999.




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