Love the way you wear Apple Smart Watch Review3

Apple is one of those companies whose products are limited but sell in massive numbers. They launched the new Apple watch in 2015 which also turned out to be one of the company’s most popular products. This watch gives a tough competition to the other smart watches from companies like pebble, Samsung, Sony and much more. The Apple watch only lacks from these companies in terms of its high pricing otherwise the watch has everything to be the winner among the other smart watches. Apple watch comes in two variants. Today we will review about the 42 mm size apple watch.


Love the way you wear Apple Smart Watch Review2


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Apple is always known for its richness and royalty. They have put the same things in the watch also. The first time when you wear the Apple watch you’ll notice how polished it feels. Hardware materials are top class from the Apple and look very rich. The glass at the edges of the screen curves and the metal casing having digital crown looks simply great. Watch band attached to the metal casing also looks neat and clean. The back of the watch houses heart rating sensor which will be a very good option for the fitness enthusiasts. The screen is made up of AMOLED touchscreen with 303ppi. For protection the apple uses Sapphire crystal glass. Only the downside of the watch is that it feels little heavy when wearing in wrist. But after wearing the watch for 10 days you will get habitual to it.


Love the way you wear Apple Smart Watch Review4


The watch comes with watchOS 1.0 which is upgradable to v2.1. There is no memory card slot for storage but it comes with 8 GB of internal storage which is highest among the Smart watches till now and 512 MB of RAM. The watch comes with 250 mAh of battery life which gives stand-by of up to 22 h and Talk time up to 3 h 40 min. The apple watch is all about more and more. The more you use it the more you’ll come to know about it.


Love the way you wear Apple Smart Watch Review


Apple has used a digital crown for the scrolling which is a good idea and feels somewhat natural to the Apple watch. It shows you the digital crown first and then you can swipe down to make access with the other applications. You can also make a call from the watch and reply to the texts. You can customize the layout of your apps in watch as by default, applications are arranged in a little confusing manner. Pre-loaded apps works quite good in Apple watch but the third party apps will work more according to the I phone rather than to the watch.


Love the way you wear Apple Smart Watch Review1


So buying an Apple watch? Well the watch is something new from the Apple and it looks as rich and royal like other I Phone products. Much of the work of the phone will be done by the watch only and there will be no need to always open phone for notifications, texts, calls …and much more. Only the thing will bother the buyers will be its price. The Apple watch starts from INR 30, 000 onwards. Comparing with the price of other smart watches the price is little too high but if you want buy a watch that looks stand out in the crowd plus with bunch of other features then you don’t have to worry about its pricing, go to Apple store hurry and grab your new Apple smart watch.


  1. the apple watch is really niece but the only thing bothers about this watch is the customization there is no customization available unlike Moto 360 2nd gen.


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