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The cab business has taken the cab-hailing industry with a storm and with companies making their best when it comes to new and exciting features. But there are a few who have created a benchmark, and there are few who cannot handle the business that they set up. Starting up an Uber-like business will cost heavy on you and add to that the workforce you require behind it. But before getting into the detail of car rental business let us have a look at what makes uber the leader in the industry and how it operates.

Uber was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick who is now sacked. Uber began with its operations in 2011 from San Francisco and now is a global leader in the industry of cab services.  But if you are so inspired by the way Uber is doing the business here is a software that can help you start up a business like Uber.



The car rental software called Smart Car Tech will help you take on the likes of Uber, Ola, and other cab-hailing apps. An Uber clone script that offers you the complete and same experience what Uber has to offer along with some new and exciting features.


What is Smart Car Tech?

Smart car tech is the answer to Uber when it comes to satisfying both the customer and the driver. Smart Car Tech is an uber clone script that allows a vendor to set up a car rental business instantly. It is a car rental software that helps a vendor in developing an app like Uber which comes with the same interface but with the new and exclusive features.

Own a fleet of cars and don’t know what to do with those, Try Smart Car Tech, best in the business when it comes to providing the car rental software to go up against the likes of Uber and Ola.

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How is Smart Car Tech similar to Uber?

The answer is simple the Module or app itself is precisely to what Uber has to offer to customers and the drivers. Hence making it hard to figure out which one is the “Real” Uber and the Uber Clone. With Booking cancellation, Smart Car Tech does what other apps also offer and gives the comfort of canceling and changing the current booking. A customer schedule the ride when and where they want to travel.


Ratings, A lot of drivers are starting to become kind as most of the customers book their rides by the ratings or stars that of a driver. And with Smart Car Tech it gives an equal opportunity to both the drivers and the passenger to rate each other on the experience they had during the journey. Tracking, A customer and the service provider can easily locate the current position of each other with the help of GPS. Chat & Call, although tracking with GPS is easy, but sometimes it might get hard to know the exact location. Here a customer and the driver can either call or chat with each other after the booking stage.


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The above ones were just a few of the features which are similar to Uber but now let me take you through some of the unique and exclusive features that this Uber clone software offers. First of all the features is the App interface, I have said this earlier, and I repeat myself Smart Car tech provides users the exact interface to what Uber gives. Making it easy to use for both the vendor and the customer to operate the app swiftly.


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A Vendor Panel, for someone who owns a fleet of cars and is using Smart Car Tech it gets more comfortable as the vendor can efficiently manage the cars and upload it to the vendor panel. The vendor panel is automatically managed under this Uber clone script. Payment, This Uber clone software accepts payment from some of the leaders in the payment processing business. And what not it also accepts payments in Bitcoin which is termed as the leader when it comes to digital currency.  If a customer does not like to enter the credit or debit card details again and again, therefore can pre-load their money in the Wallet option with Smart Car Tech.



A few apps that Smart Car Tech has provided its technology are Jucy Cars & Campas, Payless,, Rhino car hire and Apex Car Rental. So what are you waiting for? Give your car rental business a head start with Smart Car Tech and let the revenue flow in.


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