Fix Android Lag

Being an Android user means either you can have those “fancy & glittery” applications or you can have a lag free phone (as fast as cheetah). Having both is just a dream, Right. While using an Android phone you cannot have best of both worlds you have to choose between either a faster phone or a prettier phone.

To end this problem once and for all we have come up with really cool informative stuff to make your Android experience a little better. You will get some of the cool Android tips and tricks. We will start with some basic tricks and then we will take you to some serious hacks.

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So Let’s Go…

  1. Task Manager:

Task Manager- Cool Android Tips and Tricks

  • We have taken the word “Multi-tasking” too seriously. Usually we work on many applications at a time, yes we understand that it is easy that way but come on think about that poor “RAM” it may burst. So to reduce multitasking on your Android phone a bit and use “Task Manager” more often for that “Cheetah” like speed.


  1. Lesser Applications on Screen Mean Lesser “Lagging”:

Lesser Applications on Screen Mean Lesser Lagging- Android Tips and Tricks

  • Yes we understand you are quite busy to keep your screen managed but you have to, because it is possibly the easiest way to stop your phone form lagging. All you need to do is create folders and subfolders to keep your stuff managed by doing this you are simply making your phone lag free.
  • A phone also works in the similar way as your PC does. Even if you are using your PC it may lag if your screen is full of application, it’s no nuclear science.


  1. Avoid Synchronisation All The Time:


Avoid Synchronisation All The Time -Android Tips and Tricks

  • It is good to keep your applications up-to-date with Google Play.But to no amaze this sync. makes your phone lag a lot more than you expected.
  • You can keep your sync. mode on “ask me before you sync.”. So that every time your application needs an update the Google Play will ask you before doing that.
  1. It’s Cleansing Time:

Cleansing Time- Cool Android tips and Tricks


  • Just like human our gadgets also need a quick cleanse now and then, besides it is good to let go sometimes. You just have to keep track of your memory usage in “Application Manager” and look out for the victim who is committing most serious crime i.e. holding a lot more space on your phone than it deserves.


  1. Factory Reset:

Factory Reset -Cool Android tips and Tricks


  • You can shift your important data to other safe place and opt for a “Factory Reset” (which will remove all the data from your phone) and you are ready to go.
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