i phone 8

At a glance

This year Apple will come up with new design language. The new I phone8 will come with new glass body with edge to edge OLED display and no home button perhaps replaces the fingerprint sensor with facial recognition system. The new phone will be sold along side the updated 4.7 and 5.5 inch phones.


Expected features

>5.8 OLED Display                        >  Wireless charging

>Edge to edge display                   >High capacity battery

>Vertical cameras                          > New color schemes

>All new A11 chipset                     > Glass body

>Facial recognition                        >Wireless charging                                                                 

I phone 8

I Phone 8 leaked specs

2017 is the special year for Apple because it will mark its 10th anniversary. So, Apple has something special to celebrate the occasion. This special thing is obviously the all new Apple I phone 8. This year Apple will come up with all new I phone 8 which will be build on all new platform. To make it special Apple will come up with all new edge to edge OLED display same like we see on Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple tested more than 15 prototypes of this phone, leading to a mixed sort of leaks and rumors but now the Apple’s launch date has come up so we have some final leaks and rumors from many leakers and Apple itself. From past 2 months i have seen nothing but just I phone 8 leaks and rumors. You tube is flooded with I phone rumors. It seems people have forgotten about I phone 7s and 7s plus and they are more interested in buying new I phone.  Now the launch is not near so almost final design and specs have come up. So, let’s discuss about all new I phone 8(special edition from Apple on its 10th anniversary). 

i phone 8 leaks

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The I phone 8 is expected to come with a new radical design. It will be having edge to edge OLED display that will remove both upper and lower bezels. Back of the phone will totally come with glass which will be embedded with polished stainless steel frame. The leaks suggest that there will be three variants of I phone 8 and only one variant will come with OLED and other two will come as standard. The size of the phone will be 4.7 inch. Leaks also suggest that the phone will come with 5.8 inch display with 5.15 display for working area and other area will be used as virtual space. This time there will be no home button on I phone 8,instead of this they will replace the home button with some navigation keys embedded on display itself.

i phone 8 colors

I phone 7 was the first phone from Apple to have IP 68 water resistance rating. Like I phone 7 the new I phone 8 will also feature IP68 rating with more improved manner. I phone 8 is expected to have all new A11 chipset with is based on all new 10 nanometer technology means more powerful plus battery efficient. This all new chipset will support wireless charging and other biometric features such as facial recognition for better security purpose. The storage options are still not clear till now. But rumors say that the phone will be having no 32GB variant. This means we are only left with 64GB and 256 GB variant.  It will come with same 3GB of RAM.

iphone-8 leaks


Talking about its camera, the phone will come with dual lens camera at the back with both lens supporting optical image stabilization. The leaked photos of the phone shows the camera position in vertical direction. The front camera will come with advanced 3D sensing capabilities for better pictures. Talking about its battery life, this time Apple will come with high battery capacity of 2700 mAh. If we see the overall design of the new phone, the phone looks more bulky and thick from the sides means it’ll surely have high capacity battery. The wireless charging will be definitely there. Apple is moving very slow in wireless charging because these type of features have already come up with Android devices at least 5 years ago.

Apple i phone8

Release date

So, finally Apple has officially announced the release date of I phone 8. The phone will be launching on 12th of September. Following are some past release dates of Apple events :

  • 2012: iPhone 5 – announced September 12, released September 21
  • 2013: iPhone 5s/5c – announced September 10, released September 20
  • 2014: iPhone 6 – announced September 9, released September 19
  • 2015: iPhone 6s – announced September 9, released September 25
  • 2016: iPhone 7 – announced September 7, released September 16The phone will be launched but the supplies of the phone will be limited. So, many people will not be able to get their hands on new I phone until late 2017. Proper supplies of the phone will start in the first quarter of 2018. 

Apple launch date

Final thing to talk about this phone is its pricing. I phone 8 is rumored to be the most expensive phone from the Apple yet. Labeling it premium the I phone will cost $1000 for the base variant.  SO, i think there will be confusion whether to finance new I phone or their new car later this year.  Along with it Apple is going to launch some other products like all new Apple 4K TV. Apple could also launch its new Apple watch 3 series this September. I pad pro 2 and I pad mini could also join the launch event.

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