Are Megapixels everything Or there is something else into camera 2Are Megapixels everything Or there is something else into camera 2
Are Megapixels everything Or there is something else into camera 2

When we buy a mobile phone, all we look at the megapixels of the camera. The more number of megapixels does define the quality of the camera. The camera has to be equipped with other features as well. The camera is not powerful just because it has more Megapixels e.g. a phone has camera with 15 MP and other phone has a camera 13 MP. The phone which has 15 MP camera does not means it will have better picture quality as compared to the phone which has 13 MP camera, the latter one may have other features which adds to a camera to make it a better camera overall. The other features what we are talking about that makes it a complete camera are:

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Are Megapixels everything Or there is something else to camera


  1. Sensor:

When we buy a phone or camera we need to see what sensor type it is using and size of the sensor. The sensor type may be BSI or CMOS. The BSI sensor works better in low light area while CMOS are behind in this field. But now CMOS sensor is getting better as compared to BSI sensors. Now the user should go for sensor size, more the bigger size of the sensor better will be the image quality. The sensor size may be written as ½.3”, ½.6”, 1.3” etc.


  1. Aperture:

Aperture is opening through which light enters the camera. The size of the aperture should be more so that it will allow more light into the camera and will work better in low light imaging. The size of the aperture is written as f1/1.8, f1/2.0, f1/2.2 etc. The bigger size of camera allows amazing ‘Bokeh effect’. This effect refers to get the image in focus as clear as crystal and the background to be blurred. This makes the image look fantastic.


  1. OIS:

Now a day phones also come with OIS feature which provides both stability and high performance under low light imaging. This feature also allows the shutter to remain open for longer period and helps in compensating a shake during capturing.


  1. Focus:

Now we head to auto focusing, there are types of which provided in phone camera these are: PDAF, CDAF, laser auto focus and Dual Pixel. The Dual Pixel auto focusing remains the top most quality in auto focusing whereas other options also provide genuine outputs. Whereas dual pixel provides top most focusing quality as compared to others techniques.


Are Megapixels everything Or there is something else into camera 3



  1. Flash:

There are different types of flash provided in phones or camera. These can be i) Single tone LED flash  ii) Dual LED flash  iii) Dual tone LED flash. There can be a single color LED flash in the device i.e. yellow color LED or there can be two LED flashes or there can be two tones of LED flashes in the device which may reflect the mixture of light depending up on the scene of capturing the image.


  1. Image processing:

It means the output of the image depends upon the processor of the phone. No matter how good the hardware may be but the processor needs to be better so that it can produce better image.

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