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The profession of DJing looks glamorous to outsiders, but it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to make your mark in the world of DJing. Those learning to become a disc jockey need to have a keen ear for great music and the ability to match their own taste and preferences with those of their audiences. DJing is indeed an art form that requires one to learn much more than mixing tracks and coordinating beats—a DJ needs to be patient, knowledgeable, open to experimentation, and a keen observer.

If you’re keen to become a DJ, here is a simple guide to taking your first steps into this rewarding profession.

First and foremost, learn what the job involves

Contrary to popular perception, DJs do much more than scratch songs or play pre-recorded playlists. Before you start out, try and understand different types of DJ roles, such as Club DJ, Wedding DJ, Mobile DJ, Radio DJ, and so on. The party environment where you see yourself playing in the future is where you should focus most. Learn what equipment and software are used by those DJs and read up DJ success stories to stay inspired.

However, this does not mean closing your eyes to any other opportunities that come along the way. For instance, even if you have your heart set on becoming an exceptional Club DJ, grab every opportunity to play for an audience when you’re new to the profession.

Be it a bachelor’s party next door or a community event in the neighborhood, offer your services and establish your reputation as an aspiring professional DJ. The word-of-mouth publicity from each event will help in the long run. Also, make social media work for you: record and publish your own mixes to gradually build a fan following.

Master the basic skills of DJing

You can’t be successful in this profession if you don’t devote time to mastering the basic skills, which takes time and consistent practice. DJing involves performing live before an expectant audience, and if you don’t know what you’re doing or are not familiar with the equipment you’re using, you’re in for a lot of jeering. So, give time to the craft for it to reward you in the long run. Learn and practice the essential DJing techniques such as mixing, matching beats, equalization, gain control and phrasing.

Gain extensive knowledge about DJ gear

Modern-day DJ equipment is the digital version of the conventional analog mixers. It works in tandem with software programs, apps and music platforms. To be on the top of your game, gain in-depth knowledge of the latest equipment and software that you expect to encounter at the venues where you aspire to play.

Of course, your laptop is the best place to start practicing using free DJ software. And then as you go along, invest in an affordable all-in-one DJ controller. Check out the best dj controllers under 100 for DJs who’re just starting out or switching from analog to digital mixing equipment.

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