free music download without wifi

In day today’s hectic and stressful life.  Everybody remains tensed. Nobody is having time to party or go on a vocation to chill and relax themselves. After all this the only thing which can relax you is music.

Now, here’s a question which music you should listen?

It depends upon the choice and taste of every person.

And now where will you get the music of your choice?

We will tell you. That’s why today we are here, to help you by suggesting some of the best apps through which you can stream music of your choice, that too being offline (don’t matter whether you are having a working internet connection or not) and not paying a single penny. Which means now you can have your music without wifi.

So, you sit back and relax while we provide you the list of the apps which will help you to conquer the peak of entertainment. Get ready for free music apps without wifi.

  1. Sound Cloud-

It is a song streaming app which enables its users to listen to their favorite track, follow their favorite artists and share their suggestions.

The user can ever upload, promote and share their original created tracks. It means it’s also provide a good platform for new budding artists. If you are an artist looking for a good platform to show off your skills, undoubtedly this is it what you were looking for. To use this app, you just have to download it, sign up and use it.

free music download without wifi

Find out :


  1. Groove-

Groove one of the most popular and attention gaining app in this field. It got more than 80K downloads in just 24 hours of its launch.  Marked as one of the best app for and android as well as IOS, it provides you the fully offline experience of music. You can now enjoy music without wifi also.You can even use it in airplane mode. It also helps the user to create the playlist of his/her choice. This is one of the music few apps that don’t need wifi.


free music without wifi


  1. iHeart Radio-

Here comes one more on the list named as iHeart Radio claiming that it has more than 18 Million songs done by over 400000 artists. It also has thousands of live streaming radio stations. It also has talk radio, if you are interested in that kind of things.

Everyday more and more station get added to the app, so that the best experience can be provided to you. The only problem with this app is that it also telecast advertisements. But if you want to enjoy the live radio at any time of the day, its undoubtedly for you.

free music without wifi


  1. Pandora-

A very simple and easy to use music streaming app. It also features some cool options like wake-up alarm, so that you can wake-up listening to your favorite songs (But we suggest you not to do it, as a study says if you set your favorite song as wake-up alarm as daily basis you might end up hating it).  This app does not have a very big song collection but if you are fond of latest and fresh hits than you can surely will enjoy it. It also gives a feature in which you can pick an artist or track and the app will create a radio station with similar music.

free music download without wifi

Download here: Pandora app


  1. Google Play Music-

One of the widely used app featuring a pretty amazing radio feature and let you store up-to 50K songs which you can listen whenever and wherever you want to.  In this app you can also access music through you PCs. It’s one of the best app having offline caching feature where you can upload tracks even through PCs and can listen to them later on your devices.

free music download without wifi

Download here:: Google play music


  1. Spotify-

A well-known music streaming app, consisting about 20 Million sturdy catalogue tracks and having a thriving hub of the third-party apps which provides you access to more playlists to listen to.

It can also share what you are listening to on your social media handlers (of course only if you allow to). Its free for PC but for smartphone you must pay an amount.

free music download without wifi


Spotify download:: Spotify download link

  1. Slacker Radio-

Another app providing you the privilege to get into the live streaming stations that are almost tuned to any person with diverse taste. It also includes talk radio. There are also some shows that are exclusively on Slacker Radio which gives you some type of exclusive feel.

free music download without wifi


Download:: Slacker radio

  1. Musify –

Here’s one more in the list but of-course with some different features. Musify provides offline music streaming but with that you can even save all your favorite songs at one place, so you don’t have to search the songs again and again.

This app allows you to shuffle and make some custom playlists of your choice.

One more additional feature to this is that you can sort your music based on countries. It is perfect app for listening to music offline, you just have to download them once and can listen to them as much as you want. But this app is only for IOS users.

So, This is also a great option for free music download without wifi.

free music download without wifi


Download here:: Musify

  1. Shazam-

Shazam being one of the most used offline music streaming app, used by more than 100 Million people each month to identify music and get songs lyrics. Yes! You heard it right. This app also provides you with the lyrics of the songs. It is the fourth most downloaded app of all the time. And is available for both android and IOS.

free music download without wifi


  1. Evermusic-

It is a music aggregating app which allows you to download your songs and keeps them, so you can access them whenever you want, even when you are outside a WI-FI zone or not having any internet access.

You can even access your tracks on the drive, drop box or even in the app.

free music download without wifi


Download here:: Ever music

  1. Sound Weaver-

Sound Weaver gives you access to all your music from Dropbox to Sound cloud. This app also allows you to store music video from YouTube. So, you can listen and watch them later.

Sound weaver


  1. Deezer- Songs and Music Player

If you are radio lover then this app is for you, it supports for as many as channels as you like. And the offline music feature helps you to enjoy music whenever your router is acting up. Above all this you can even follow you favorite artists can be the first new tracks.

You can customize your searches and playlist according to your choice. This app is available for android only.

free music download without wifi

Download here:: Deezer app


These 12 music apps that don’t need wifi and  are the most popular and best music streaming apps which will help you to experience the best music anywhere, anytime that too without internet connection.


By using these cool apps, you can help yourself relaxing, can show-off your cool playlist at a party when others will be looking for a WI-FI connection.

And yes, some of these apps may also pr ovide you payed services but you can opt for their free versions or you can choose the free trial package too.

So, from the above list choose the best suited for you and hit hard!…




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