Emojis are the different smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. There are different types of emojis present such as facial expressions, common objects, places etc.

These emojis are widely used, people love to use emoji while texting, chatting to make their communication interesting and to have fun.

These emojis help you to convey your feelings message even without really typing a text. Using emoji makes your conversation more interactive.

This emoji trend in widely followed and growing day by day. People started preferring chats instead of calls. There are many emojis integrated in your android keyboards and they keep adding more and more. But some emoji loving people those seems to be not enough, they keep looking for more emojis.

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So, here we are with a list of some different emoji apps for Android text messaging which will fulfill all your needs-

Best Emoji Apps For Android (Free Download)

  • Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji

It is an intelligent keyboard with inbuilt plugin for emoji. You must be wondering why I called it intelligent. It is because this keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence that automatically learns yours writing style, including the emoji you use. It adapts accordingly and keep predicting the words and emoji for you. For instance, if you write burger it will suggest you the burger emoji, this seems to be real fun right?


emojis for android text messaging


  • Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

This app has special feature for you, unlike other apps, it allows you to make you own emoji. You can send emoji directly from your GBoards (Google Keyboard). You can even customize the avatar to look like yourself or any of your friends.

emojis for android text messaging


  • Emojidom Emoticons For Texting

The Kingdom of emojis, Yes! this app is the real kingdom of emojis. It brings you so many emojis of your choice that you can fall in love with it. There are about 4000 free emojis which can be used while texting. This is the app with highest number of emojis available. This app also provides you emojis according to the occasion such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, Halloween day etc. It also has celebrities and superhero stickers. And this app is free to download.


emojis for android text messaging


  • Kika Emoji Keyboard

Ranked as the best emoji keyboard on the Play Store, as the user experience is really good and smooth. It provides a wide range of emojis, stickers and GIFs. This app helps you to make your conversation interesting and interactive. Apart from having prediction and auto-correct options, it also has lack of keyboard fancy themes, key sounds, language and fonts. It also gives option of customizing the keyboard with fonts, sound and pics of your choice.

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emojis for android text messaging


  • Swiftkey – Emoji Keyboard

This app can even boost your emoji game. This app also predicts the emoji. The app keeps suggesting you emojis while you type. You don’t have to go to the keyboard again and again to search the emoji, this app will bring the emoji on its own to you. This makes your texting smooth, fast and effortless.


emojis for android text messaging


  • SMS Rage Faces

When you get bored up while chatting/texting, you can get some real fun by texting hilarious faces and memes, using this app. There are around 2500 faces available. This app also gives user a path to incorporate trending meme into their text message and share with their friends. It is very easy to use. You just have to download the app. Then you can choose the sharing method (like Facebook, Twitter etc). You can preview the faces before sending. These faces also get updated frequently.


emojis for android text messaging


  • Imoji

This app will surely entertain you with its amazing emojis and will improve your texting experience. In this app you can search, create and discover different emojis created by the community. These can be shared on it messaging app and on social networks too. This app lets your inner artist to show off its talents, it allows you to create your own stickers. You can use your own face, or any others face as an emoji avatar.

But the only drawback of this app is that this app allows you to send emojis only on their integrated messaging app.


emojis for android text messaging


These are some of the best Emoji apps for android users. You can get all these apps from Google Playstore for free. And if you are a emoji lover then you will find them really interesting.  Just choose which one is the best suitable for you or you can try them all.

We are sure that these apps will definitely enhance your texting/chatting experience. And will convert your boring texting to interesting and interactive.



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