how to grow your youtube channel

How to grow your YouTube channel

How to grow your YouTube channel The crazy statistics about YouTube is worth the watch. There are around 800 million people who visit YouTube every...
instagram direct message pc

How to use Instagram direct on PC

Instagram is second most used app after the Facebook, you know that you can also use Instagram direct on your pc. Almost every person...
How to upload pictures to Snapchat

How to upload pictures to snapchat

Snapchat is the now the world's biggest and largely growing photo messaging and multimedia sharing app. Snapchat is created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie...
how does whatsapp make money

How does Whatsapp make money

We have only one over-the-top instant messaging app today ‘WHATS APP’ being Friendliest messaging app for effective communication connecting the world. Originally founded by...

How can you block someone on Instagram

Someone annoying you girl?? Sending you regular mornings and goodN8's messages and you are frustrated. Haww! Is that your ex-boyfriend stalking you on Instagram!! I...
how to view snapchat stories

How to view snapchat stories

‘all these pages but I am obsessed with one- gadgetmentions.’ Lol! Well I know I am not as good as the famous heartbroken guy of...

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