CES2017 CES history, Smart facts, Fun facts, Expectations and Highlights

The ces2017 – the fashion runaway for almost every tech-savvy company on the earth is here happening in Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th. For the geeks who don’t know what ces2017 is. Well it’s a consumer electronic show- a trade show organized by consumer electronic association which is a must for every enthusiast tech geek. Though it is closed for public but you can catch every event live on The Verge.

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CES2017 CES hhistory, Smart facts, Fun facts, Expecctations and Highlightss


Some Facts about this trade show are-

  • Smart fact ces holds stage for electronic companies and new startups to first showcase their products

  • Fun fact The first ces entertained 200 exhibits over 17,500 attendees.

  • Smart Fact First ces happened in june1967 in New York presenting the world with pocket raduos and integrated circuit TVs

  • Fun Fact During this event Hilton & Americana Hotels were fully lodged with ces attendants over a period of 4 days.

  • Smart fact From 1978 to 1994 , ces happened twice a year. SummerCes in june and WinterCes in january in Vegas itself..

  • Fun fact Though summerCes loosed popularity, CAT decided to travel summerCes around the glove from 1995.

  • Smart Fact ces introduced earth to brand new technology planet by presenting santa gifts throughout winterCes like VCR(1970) , Laser Disc player(1974) ,Digital watches(1976) , Home computers(1978) , camcorders & CDs(1981) , Digital satellite system(1994) and many more…

  • Fun fact Though winterCes continued to Rock n Roll every year , summerCes lost it’s charisma. Hence in 1998 ces was declared to be happened only once a year in winters at Vegas.

  • Smart fact ces2001 showcased first ever PlasmaTV ; ces2004 presented High Definition Audio and ces2005 was announced to be biggest consumer electronic show ever with about 1 lakh 50 thousand attendants.

  • Fun fact Today attendees visit ces across 81% of world’s countries by covering business travel over 3.5 billion miles which approximately make up the 37 round trips from planet earth to sun.

  • Smart fact As ces2015 kicked downstairs all the records as 3600 exhibits entertained over 170,000 attendants and revolutionary TV manufactures showcased 4k compatible TVs. Moreover next ces2016 hosted 3600 industries over 2.4 million sq areas

  • Fun factces2016 proved to be more entertaining event than Olympic games as it had 1000 more people and 3300 participating organizations.


CES2017 CES hhistory, Smart facts, Fun facts, Expecctations and Hhighlightss


Expectations ::

As consumer electronic show traveled miles through 1967 to 2016, the world expect a lot more from 2017 showcase. Expectations and predictions about ces 2017 were-

1) All new Nokia Smartphones- After Nokia facing controversies with Apple, it decided to step up to the stage with new development of its own 5G smartphone which were predicted to be launched on Intel booth at ces2017

2) New TV trends– The terms High dynamic range HDR , OLED technology, Curved TVs ,4k resolution will be goofing around all the TV booths with same old players Samsung, Panasonic, Sony etc.

3) Smart Home products with voice control– Rumors says that over 40 companies will showcase smart home products to ces2017 connecting families together and preaching smart homes to be not a luxury but a lifestyle.

4) Self Driven Cars– Faraday Future promised the world in 2016 to present the globe with awesome cars. Others companies like Volvo, Ford , Mercedes are also showcasing their products at ces2017.

5) Robotic World– Sources expect ipad on wheels like Robot CUTTI and vacuum cleaner bot UNIBOT to steal the limelight at ces2017. Also LG promised to exhibit home friendly robot to do all work from kitchen to backyard and few models for public space. Olly- developed by emotech was claimed to be recognizing members of family and adapting their behavior sounds trendy in the market.

6) Wearables- there are not many high expectations from this market as 2016 launched products proved to be mpre flop.

7) The VR world– ces2016 was dominated by the VR products and Asus are expected to launch their VR friendly zenphones. Also Rumors suggests that oculus : the major VR production won’t  be having their booth at ces2017.


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CES2017 CES history, Smart facts, Fun facts, Expectations and Highlightss



  • Huawei Honor 6x phone with 5.5 inch HD screen with fingerprint sensor, 3GB RAM , 32GB storage with dual camera of 12MP and 8MP and battery of 3340 mAh android 6.0 available at price of $249 (INR 16,932).
  • Lenovo launched its VR headset powered by windows 10 having two depth sensing VGA camera means no sensor required. This headset can be worn with Glasses and would be available in the mid of this year with cost between $300 to $400 (INR 20,400 to 27,200).
  • Lenovo also launched their Smart Assistants Smart home products which completely supports Amazon alexa. Two versions of this Smart assistant would be out in the market in May, one with standard speakers at $129 (INR 8,772) and other version with higher audio quality at $179 (INR 12,172).
  • The designer and stylish key tracker was also launched named wistiki Aha which works with both smartphones and iOS phones and can track up to distance of 320 feet costing at $40 (INR 2,720) Available in colors and designs.
  • Health fitness company Mio launched wristband named Slice – a fitness tracker which uses personal activity intelligence giving score on the scale of 100 based on sleep and body activity costs $129 ( INR 8,772).
  • Another fitness tracker called Motif Ring was launched which tracks calories, sleep, heart rate and also share this information via Bluetooth to your smartphones and can be worn on a finger pricing at $199 (INR 13,532).
  • D-Link company launched home wifi router named Cove which works on mesh networking providing high speed internet experience would be stepping up in market in second quarter of 2017 at $300 (INR 20,400).
  • company Kado’s launched a pocket charger which is 0.2 inch thick and fits in your wallet. This product will be available in spring at price of $50 (INR 3,400) and same product for laptop users at $100 (INR 6,800).
  • Next level gaming with Acer Predator Z301CT monitors launched having eye tracking capabilities giving all new experienced of gaming world. These monitors would be made avail in February at cost of $899 (INR 61,132).
  • Second generation Smart home protection provided by New bit defender box which analyze total network traffic securing the home network and would be made available in December.
  • Cutest bot ever launched Kuri Robot interacts and socializes with your family and can be programmed to look around for lost objects in the house. Kuri will step in market by December at pretty price of $699 (INR 47,532).





  • Intel launches 7th generation of laptops and desktops core processor Kaby lake which is a update of sky lake launched last year. Intel’s kaby lake is specially designed for gamers and enthusiasts.
  • leEco launched the two versions of new smart bicycles. Version one is smart road bicycle and version 2 is mountain bike. Both the bikes run on android 6.0 marshmallow based bikeOS, turn by turn navigation along with touchscreen display and would be available in american market by end of the year.
  • Faraday Future fulfilled their promise by launching beautiful new electric prototype. The Faraday future’s FF91 – self driven car would be out in early 2018 at $180,000 (INR 1,22,40,000) with advance booking at $5000 (INR 340,000)
  • Dell launched two new models of laptops. Alienware and Inspiron 7000 gaming series. Alienware 13R3 starts at $999.99 (INR 68,300) Alienware 15R3 at $1,199.99 (INR 81,990) Alienware 17R4 at $1,349.99 (INR 92,300). Inspiron 14 7000 gaming laptop and Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop at $799 (INR 54,600). Dell also launched Latitude 5285 bussiness laptop at $899 (INR 61,500)
  • ASUS unveiled lightest business laptop and VR ready compact PC. Asus proB9440 is lightest business notebook starting at $999 (INR 68,100) and Asus vivoPC at $799 (INR 54,500). Asus also launched zenbook 3 deluxe – a 13inch laptop with 14 inch screen. Sounds weird but true! This zenbook 3 is 12.9 mm thick and weighs 1.1 kg with 7th generation core processor, 16GB RAM with fingerprint scanner at price of $1,699 (INR 115,532) and would be available in May. Asus special event ZENNOVATION attracted many eyes where chairman Jonney shih launched (1) Zenfone 3 zoom smartphone with 3 prime lenses having 12MP zoom camera ,12MP main camera and 13MP front camera with 2.5× light sensitivity specifically built for photography where you can freeze the moment of time. It also enables 6.4 hours of 4k video recording,42 days standby , 8.5 hours of social media live stream, dual pixel PDAF, qualcomm snapdragon and long lasting battery weighing only 170 g and 7.99 mm thickness making its lightest and thinnest smartphone. (2) The other launched smartphone was Zenphone AR – built for augmented reality. The only Tango enable and Daydream ready phone with 23MP camera 5.7 inch AMOLED display giving you best ever VR experience. These phones would be avail in Feb and second quarter respectively.



  • Acer launched its 11 inch chromebook Acer N7 for classroom and clumsy kids at $229 (INR 15,600).
  • SONY announced its XBR-A1E Bravia crystal 4k HDR OLED TV. The two editions were (1) X93E series with slim stylish design and extraordinary slim backlight drive+ and (2) XBRA1E series having self emitting OLED Panels. They don’t have speakers instead display vibrates to produce sound heightening the reality of visuals. SONY also launched Blu ray player UBP-X800 compatible with above OLED TV. Sony launched their soundbar HT-S75000 and wifi compatible audio products and android tvs powered by sony 4k HDR range works with voice command. Sony productions also gave two types of noise cancelling headphones one cable free and other with neckband.
  • LG also launched OLED technology by releasing W7 OLED TV which sticks to wall using magnets. This W7 range is 0.15 mm thick being equivalent to the size of key weighing 18 pounds which comes with fancy price of $10,000 (INR 6,80,000). Other launched OLED TVs were G7,C7,B7,E7 which were cheaper than W7. LG launched instaview refrigerator for kitchen which completely supports amazon alexa. LG’s bot stolen limelight at ces2017 which is a moving robot can be connected to any LG appliance. LG also talked about its Smartphone Stylus 3 having 5.7 inch display
  • Samsung was moving along in race launching thier own Q9 OLED TV with quantum dot technology and odyssey 16 and 17- samsung gaming chromebooks were also showcased by company
  • Small players like Hisnse launched first ever 100 inch TV and TCL announced thier 25 new upcoming Roku TVs
  • Blackberry being back in race by launching its Smartphone Mercury with QWERTY keypad and android 7.0
  • other Highlights of the day included Smart gloves by Raphaels ; Toyoto’s concept-i car ; Griffin’s technology connected Toaster ; Garmin Fenix 5, 5S &5X smart watches and many things more.

Well this was all about the two days at Ces2017. Stay tuned to GadgetMentions for more spicy updates of tech world. We’ll be back soon with more highlights of ces2017. Also download ces2017- Here


  • AARP made their mind to showcase AARP’s 2016 Health Innovation winnerPenrose senior care auditor technology’ at ces2017. It’s a monitoring service thats keeps an healthy eye on our Grannys and grandpa reporting back to families via an android application. Family needs to sign on to com where auditors completing audit submits reports to your online account.
  • Cogilex R&D inc. Showcased Seenso – first ever medical terminology search engine. com would be made public with no advertising of any kind to sort every individual’s medical doubts. Cogilex called seenso as search engine with soul which will imitate behaviour of a professional by providing you best medical information.
  • Volansy exhibiting the cost effective and best ever IoT gateway solution HomeBridge for SmartHomes. Being wireless along with sebsors, it can be easily plugged anywhere in the house connecting upto 40 devices like light controls, door locks, security cameras and more.
  • Ax9 OBD11 + J1939 – the new vehicle telematic device by ATrack comes with easy installation in cars, trucks & so forth Providing all data parameters like engine motion status , fault codes etc.
  • Insta360Pro was exihibted by Insta360. Insta360 pro is a six lense camera enabling 3D 360° video recording upto 6K resolution. Photography Pro’s can buy it on Amazon at cost of $3000 (INR 204,000)
  • Deeper company introduced Deeper LockSmartest & toughest bike lock security system featuring GPS tracking device , Motion sensor, Humidity resistance , solar self chargeable battery , sim chip , Anti theft alert , steel lock mechansism and more exiciting features.
  • Huawei after launching Honor 6x , now made advancement in their previous year laujch product Mate 9 phablet by introducing Amazon alexa in it and would made available it in US market very soon.
  • My Size measurement technology company launched their own android application proving to be unique 3D measurement app for Happy online shopping.
  • Tru Optik showcased the new over-the-top (OTT) marketing cloud for publishers & advisers allowing them to execute cross screens combining data over OTT and Connected TVs
  • BrainCo. to launch Focus 1 monitors best compatible to Focus oasis game designed for kids of age 5-18. This Focus 1 wearable device analyze & visualize brainwaves improving focus level of user by training specific brain frequencie This device is expected to prove as revolutionary one.
  • Powervision’s underwater drones which help fishing lovers to catch their favourite fish using sonar technology along with LED lights which can also film your catch upto 4K resolution and can withstand pressure upto 30 m. Can be connected to iOS and android apps to send data over wifi that to about distance of 70 m away. Awesome Right!!
  • KYMCO’s Noodoe stolen limelight at ces2017. Noodoe is IoV (internet of vehicle) powered scooter which connects via Bluetooth to your phone and has other things like clock, weather sensor , compass and other features can be made personalized by the users. Noodoe flashes notifications , social media messages, calls when is off driving lane.
  • At Age of Glass, Corning presented their Gorilla Glass enabled concept car having Gorilla glass windshield enabling augmented reality with the real time updates of locak traffic providing you with all new fuel efficient , adventures plus safe driving experience.
  • ValenCell to launch their all new valencell PerformTek sensor system and Valencell Benchmark sensor systems. PerformTek will be providing wearable devices which would keep a check on blood signals , heart rate , resting heart rate translating these to biometric data.
  • Other glimpses of the day included thermostats by Momits and Mumbai debut company Hug to showcase gesture control smartwatchs.

Stay tuned for More Highlights of Consumer electronic show -2017!!

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