Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the publication and promotion of engaging content that will help boost a business in terms of visibility as well as revenue. Content marketers use some or all of the following channels, depending on the needs of your specific business: social media posts, blogs, email newsletters, white papers, videos, podcasts, webinars, case studies, PDFs, infographics and more.

A seasoned digital marketing team that has the knowledge and the expertise may cost you a little more, but they will be able to plan and execute a superb online marketing plan painstakingly custom-created for your business and brand. If you care for your brand and your buck, you must take time to evaluate a digital agency capabilities before you hire one.

To give you an insight, here are the 3 essential components of a content marketing strategy that’s built to succeed.

Great content

The first rule of any content management plan is to create content that’s original, unique, engaging, relevant and noncontroversial. Whether it’s a guest post on a leading website or an infographic on Facebook, everything that speaks for a business and its brand needs to stand out as useful and interesting. Great content is an asset; poor content, a liability!

Carefully selected channels

As stated above, content marketing encompasses several different means of increasing the outreach and recall of your brand. If you sell cosmetics, for instance, social media and blogging are your best friends. A B2B business, such as a building material supplier, will benefit equally from blogging on business blogs as it will from infographics and videos that project it as a professional and knowledgeable contractor.

The task of selecting the right content tools is best left to experts.

Realistic goals

Content marketing is an ongoing, sustained effort to help increase your business, and it takes time. So steer clear of any content agency that makes unrealistic promises. Rather than make vague commitments, a credible content marketing agency will give you a detailed, custom-made plan with smaller, timed goals within the larger goal of your marketing campaign.

Experts at the leading digital agency Submitcore say that for a content marketing plan to be successful, digital marketers must avoid the following 10 common mistakes.

Content marketers should NEVER

  • use plagiarized content written by rookie writers
  • create blog posts or guest posts, photos or videos that may offend potential customers or stakeholders
  • manipulate data and important facts about a subject only to engage the reader
  • use click-bait headlines that are likely to put off discerning readers
  • try to gain traction by publishing content that’s irrelevant or unrelated to the brand
  • post or share political memes
  • create content that ridicules a particular community, organization, country, or even a competitor
  • lose track of analytics that show how a digital marketing campaign is performing
  • do a rush job—successful content marketing on various platforms takes diligent planning and sustained effort.
  • underestimate the power of social media—inappropriate or misleading content invites negative reviews, online criticism and trolling
  • lastly, overcharge or mislead an unsuspecting client.


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