Gadget Mentions is a team of Tech. enthusiasts who keep an eagle eye on the latest advancements in the mobile technology. We are responsible for providing accurate information and self analyzed reviews on New Mobile phones and Gadgets. We welcome each and everyone from every part of the world to contribute to Gadget Mentions about your views and reviews about the latest gadgets & technology. We will be pleased to have a great technology freak like you in our team. Submit Guest Post on Technology, News, Gadgets, Mobile Reviews, Products, Gadget Reviews and more.

Here are some FAQ’s which you must read. This will give you a clear picture of how you can be a contributor to our website.

Question 1:  What kind of content I can contribute?

Answer: Our website is accepting every kind of tech gadget reviews. We have started with the smart phone reviews but we are flexible to accept other gadget reviews as well like Laptop Reviews, Accessories Reviews, Gaming Reviews, Home Theater and Camera Reviews.

Question 2:  How can I write an engaging Review?

Answer: Writing a review is purely based on your technology awareness and your personal recommendation how so ever you can take help of the official website of the gadget to check some of the specifications and dimensions. You cannot always take a ruler with you to measure the dimensions of a website. Read four to five posts from the our website, you will get a better idea of get going.

Question 3: How original the content should be?

Answer: Although we demand 100% original content but there may some phrases which you cannot alter so minimum requirement is 90% of original content. You can check the originality of the content by using some of the duplicate content checker or plagiarism checker tools.  You can go to, or any other tool to check the originality.

Question 4: Is there any chances of earning?

Answer:  YES, you can earn by writing for us. If you write regularly for us and provide engaging content, then we have a reward policy for you in terms of cash as well as some other commodity. The amount will entirely depend on the quality of your review you give and popularity gained by it. Students have a golden opportunity to earn part time following their passion of tech reviewing. We can also hire you permanently if you continue the good work.

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