How to Create Content for Social Media

Imagine that social networks is a huge shopping and entertainment mall, where professional accounts serve as boutiques, shops, cafes, gaming centers and so on. If the showcase of such a boutique is exciting and informative, the potential client will stop near it, read the announcement, and then go inside the shop and buy. The information that we place on our social network wall is the design of our shop window.

Types of content in social networks

The goal of any post is to create maximum involvement. Posts that collect a lot of likes and comments are shown to more users. Therefore, the information that we give must be diverse and interesting for the target audience.

There are six types of content:

  • Educational;
  • Selling;
  • Communicative;
  • News;
  • Reputational;
  • Entertaining.

Let’s explore them one by one.

Educational content

This type of posts is designed for those readers who are looking for information. More often it is a b2b audience, which seeks to acquire the necessary knowledge with a thought of monetizing them in the future.

B2C the audience of social networks is also loyal to educational content. Examples of educational posts are short videos. Using a simple and understandable manner, tell how to use the offered product or service without disclosing the price; otherwise the post will move into the selling category.

Mini-presentations are also interesting and informative, also in video format, which will tell you about new products and the latest trends in the chosen field. Such reviews speak about expertise and awareness; they give confidence to the reader. We also use the format of illustrated articles. It’s not even necessary to shoot a highly-professional video. You can make a short clip with a modern mobile phone. Most of them have pretty good video cameras. You can take your clip step by step and then combine several parts into one file for your post. There are many tools you can use to do it. For example, Free make Video Converter. Simply drag-n-drop your short videos into the main software window and join short clips as described here. Then choose a video extension for your clip and when the job is done, post the ready video to your social page.

If we know our target audience, we can determine what tasks it has. Thus competent information that gives a solution of these tasks will also highlight the page and make it relevant to users. If our audience is athletes, we write an expert post on the topic of sports nutrition. The information will be useful for targeted subscribers and will show that we understand the question.

Excellent publications include so-called TOP 10 errors: we take a close topic and highlight ten common mistakes; we give information on how to correct these errors.

Educational content in social networks can be called the most informative. Such publications are useful to the reader and increase the status of the account.

Selling content

Selling content is a typical kind of posts that you can see in companies’ accounts and groups. However, direct sales do not work in social networks, where people come to relax, chat, have fun. The selling process should be unobtrusive. The client first should get a desire to buy, and only after that, we can offer them a product or service through a commercial sales post. The number of such publications should not exceed 20-30% of the total content of the page.

Special offers, discounts, events are good examples of selling posts. Also, we place video reviews of the proposed product and short publications with a description, delivery method, and price. In selling texts, it is essential to use sales techniques that will make a potential customer purchase a product or service.

The selling post answers the main question – what benefit will the client get by making a purchase. Its main feature is the declared price and description of the acquisition process.

Communicative (Involving) Content

Such publications cause a lively response from the audience. They satisfy the basic need of users – the need for communication. A good example of involving content for social networks is various surveys on topics that are interesting for the target audience.

There are posts where we ask for advice from readers or touch upon a provocative topic. It is necessary to work with provocations with caution – sharp topics cause an immediate response, but you should control comments and follow up so that the post does not turn into a banal quarrel between your subscribers.

Having placed the publication with the request to leave a response, we engage the audience in the dialogue and get an excellent sales tool. More likely not all of the reviews will be positive, but it should not scare you. Negative feedback is a reason to improve service, fix bugs and attract even more customers.

News content

News can be very different, but must necessarily resonate with the niche occupied. You can post lifestyle publications: participation in charitable actions, seminars, banquets. The activity of our company will raise the confidence of potential customers.

Interesting life events of friends and partners are also a topic for a news post. For example, our partner, a beauty salon, holds an Open Day. We post information about this event on our wall.

If the news directly concerns our business we post it as quickly as possible. Hot news collects the maximum number of views.

Reputational content

This type of material includes publications that work to improve the status and reputation of the enterprise. It can be positive feedback, reports, awards, and certificates.

Write about the very beginning of your business. Readers might like to know how our company was created, how the product is made, how the idea arose, and so on. They are interested in learning some secrets. Such posts work to increase popularity.

Posts with the invitation of a third-party expert are an excellent option for a profitable partnership. The more famous the guest is, the better.

We tag subscribers in our publications. The occasion may be the follower’s birthday or an interesting post written by them. This technique allows you to increase coverage and works to strengthen your reputation.

Entertaining content

Any social network implies entertaining content on the page. People come here for this, and only then communicate, learn and buy.

The choice of entertainment content depends on the needs of the target audience. If your subscribers are mostly young people then mini-games, quizzes, riddles on the wall work fine.

It is interesting to pass a psychological test, read a horoscope or reveal the secret of a name. People like to learn about themselves. Such posts get good coverage.

Indispensable is humor. Select jokes and funny pictures that will be funny to your target audience.

Interesting facts, congratulations on holidays, creative wishes – here are ideas of entertaining content. The goal is to attract and retain the subscriber on your page, to increase the impressions and reach, to achieve maximum involvement.

Give up to 30% of the total number of publications to the entertaining content. In this case, your page will be interesting and in demand among readers.


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