If there is one working field that has increased sharply with the advent of the internet, it is blogging. Everyone you know seems to have a blog, and you may be thinking of starting one yourself. An author may use it to get attention to their work, business blogs may be there to interact with customers and potential clients, and others may start blogs to share their personal opinions on issues, more like diaries.

Blogs are an excellent way of getting your thoughts out to the world. However, some blogs are so successful that you end up knowing much about them, as well as the person behind them. With all that, and considering how everyone you know seems to own a blog, you may wonder what it is that makes certain blogs so popular and have heavy traffic. What is so special about them? What do they have that you do not?


It is not straightforward to publish lists of the top bloggers, since blogs cover diverse issues at the same time, and there is no data from browsers that gives you information on who the individuals are.

However, when looking at it critically, there are certain criteria that the blog must fulfill in order to be thought of as successful. One is that the blog receives regular coverage on the top ten lists for their niche, they have a social media following or a mailing list of 10,000 or more people, they started their blog from scratch (that is, they did not buy an established blog), and they produce content on an active basis.

Ensure your content is consistent to build the audience

Successful bloggers know one thing – when your content is inconsistent, the audience fails to follow through, and you lose your chance to create a loyal fan base.


Operating a blog is difficult, as you are the writer and content provider at the same time. However, this should not discourage you. A strategy that works very well for many bloggers is keeping a strict schedule and marking the dates when you post your content.

For instance, when you are starting out, you do not need a heavy schedule. Once a week is enough for you as you grow your fan base. Later on, you can choose to adjust the schedule, or keep doing what you are doing, but the key is keeping a level of consistency that your fans can follow.

What this does is the audience always knows what to expect and when to expect it, and they will be flocking to your blog regularly as you continue to post content. That consistency is also important in the writing style – the starting and the ending follow a distinct style that marks you as unique – think of it as your signature.

Focus your effort on one social media platform

This really depends on your content type. For instance, if you deal with art and fashion, some platforms may not be beneficial to your cause, while others will.

Part of this involves keeping a consistent frequency on your blogging schedule, and even maintaining a schedule on social media posts. While it encourages the growth of your audience, it does build a fan base that will check in often to see what is going on with you.

Another strategy is to put your effort into one platform at a time, to help you build consistency of results. For many, the option is Facebook (though this may not apply to everyone), while for others, Twitter is the way to go.

When you focus on one social media platform, you have a greater ability to view, predict and manipulate the traffic landing on your page. It also makes it easy to grow an organic following on one channel, instead of multiple channels.

Know your audience When you are starting your blog or building your social media presence, you cannot have your content get viral shares, and it is not reasonable to expect it at the beginning (unless you were a high profile celebrity by the time you were starting your account).

However, you can make up for this through networking. This does not mean you go and meet your readers physically (though it can be nice), but rather engaging with them in the comments and ask them questions about what they think on your posts.

When you do this on a consistent basis, it makes the audience feel that you are not just an authority speaking, you are a friend, such as what drug addiction treatments in Longmont, CO do with recovering addicts. And that alone will motivate most of them to share your posts as frequently as possible with their friends.

You can also ask the audience what they want to see, in addition to when they want it and how they want you to present your content. That level of interaction gives you a level of control, enabling you to give your readers a consistent flow of information, and your content gets boosts every day.

Personalize your experience

Do this when you can, as much as possible. It does not mean you do much even making an emailing list that fits specific segments of your audience, as well as their interests, is helpful enough.

Regardless of the niche you want to write about, there is always a reason your audience exists on your blog. Make sure you find that out – reach out to them, find out who they are, and strike up a friendship with them.

Another thing that you may not have thought of – make sure your blog is easy to move around and explore. Blogs that look clunky and clumsy simply take away the joy of a fulfilled user experience, and they make the audience frustrated. Even if you do not do this for the user experience, at least do it for SEO purposes. Note here: the neater your site is, the easier it is for Google to move through it and index your posts.


You can see that running a blog is not a task for the faint hearted. It requires much dedication, as well as research and interactions to make it standout. However, with these tips above, your blog is sure to stand out among many and grant you the exposure you need.


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