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If someone is looking for a device which disconnects you from world then this is a phone you should go for Punkt MP01. The phone is something which is going to make people lonely and distracted from others. The phone has all the features which we used to look for in the period when first mobile handset was launched. The phone is best in terms of making calls, sending SMS, setting alarms, saving contacts, marking dates and appointments in calendar.

The phone as claimed by the company is worth buying as the phone will not be requiring your attention throughout the day with that it would not be distracting your attention from your work and loved ones. This statement by the company makes the phone convincing enough to buy it.


Disconnecting You Punkt MP01 Review 2

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So is it worth buying when the question comes to its price. There will be a big NO to it as the phone is priced at whopping amount of 22,000 INR. So the phone which has only four to five features in total is asking the consumer to spend such a amount which will get them a latest phones with updated Android version Marshmallow with that all the latest features such as 18MP camera, Type C connector for charging battery, finger print sensor, Li-po battery and many more. So the idea of being distraction free is quite impressive but the price tag gets you goose bumps.


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Even though the phone not distracting but how a person can pay something like 22,000 INR for a basic phone like this. The looks of the phone does not sweep you of your feet. The phone has rounded curves on the edges and a mountain like bump on the back of the phone. There are lot many features in kid’s toy phone as compared to this phone. Is the life is about going ahead or moving backwards. The phone reminds of Seimens rock heavy handset which was launched 20 years back but that phone has lot many better features in it as comparing to this phone.

The phone has aligned buttons which are bigger in size with that the phone does not run distracting apps such Candy Crush, Watsapp, Kik, etc. There are lot many phones which plays songs, captures videos, runs Watsapp and are priced under 1000 INR.


Disconnecting You Punkt MP01 Review 4


So the people who regularly loses or forgets phone somewhere or like to throwaway their money onto something useless should go all guns blazing to buy this phone named Punkt MP01. The company’s official website writes “antidote to today’s throwaway culture”, and “taming technology”. So people who like to care for their money should not get PUNKED by this phone and should invest in something which gives value for money.


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