Emerge App Review

Are you running an E-Commerce Store and manufactures your own products? If so then you must be dealing with inventory management issues to keep records of the stock according to the demand and supply.

Days are gone when sales and purchase sheets are filled manually. Nowadays everything is taken care by computers, software and apps. One of the best performing B2B Inventory Management App is the EMERGE App. This is one of the Best Inventory Management Software which is equipped with following features:

  1. Selling is Easy:  Now you can sell your products in a better way and fast. Customer data and inquired product information is at finger tips. You can easily quote the prices and generate sales on the go.
  2. Import and Export Management: Now you can grow your business cross borders with EMERGE App as keeping the records of sales and purchase has made very easy.
  3. Inventory Management was Never So Easy: Now you can boost your sales and revenue by quoting your clients in a better way as inventory management is very easy here. You can keep the exact record of what stock you are having and what is utilized.
  4. Multi Lingual Portal: EMERGE App is multi lingual management software portal and you can make and generate documents in multiple languages to serve your native clients and direct customers.
  5. Management of Frequent Orders: With this wonderful B2B order management software you can easily manage your orders on a frequent rate without interrupting the previous order.
  6. Complete Historical Information and Data: You can get the whole bunch of transactions which are made in past. This can help you to assess your business performance and can help you to generate more ROI by using it in a correct way.

What kind of businesses can use EMERGE App?

  1. E-Commerce Portals
  2. Startup Companies
  3. Trading and Distribution
  4. Any Other Business Model

How can you grow your business and How EMERGE App Works?

Emerge App Cart

  1. Unique Account for Every Retailer: You will get your unique account where you can keep the record and track of each and every order.
  2. Product Personalization: You can customize product list according to the customer needs and requirements.
  3. Custom Pricing: The needs and relation between the customer and vendor can change anytime so you need a custom plan every time which is allowed in EMERGE.
  4. Order, Shipping and Payment Management: Keep the clear record of every payment transaction before that order and shipping details so as to serve your customers better.


In the end I would like to say that if you are running a business which is B2B or a retail business that involves direct product selling then EMERGE App is worth giving a try. Let us know about your thoughts in the comment box.


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