CPU Facts

CPU or Central Processing unit is the brain of every computer that exists. It’s something which controls all the processes and tasks. It performs all the basic arithmetic, logic etc operations as specified by the user’s instruction. According to Wikipedia​, the term CPU was given in the the early 1960s.

Along with the time, the design of CPU has changed a lot but the fundamental operations it performs remains unchanged. In 21st century, the modern CPU are referred to as microprocessors as they are contained on a single IC or (Integrated Circuit). Talking about the history of CPUs, they went from Transistor CPUs to Small Scale Integration CPUs and from Small Scale Integration CPUs they went towards Large Scale Integration CPUs. Now in the present world you see Microprocessor.

Coming on to the modern day CPU, they are small and square shaped and comes with pins on the underside. With the help of these pins, the CPU is aligned along on the motherboard. Now when it comes to motherboard, there are different ​types of motherboards​ available and every motherboard has its own range and can adjust only a specific range of CPU on it. Along with it, the modern day CPU also comes with an attached heatsink and fan to keep them cooler under heavy workload time.

Components of CPU

Now you might be wondering what are the different components of the CPU? Well, here are the three components of the CPU:

  1. Arithmetic Logic Unit

There is electronic circuitry in ​arithmetic logic unit​which executes all arithmetic and logical operations. From calculations like as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as comparisons, the ALU performs all the above said function on the user’s request and thus provide the result in a very precise manner.

  1. Control Unit

The ​control unit​is responsible for handling all the process and programs that are being processed by the CPU. It’s something which decided the priority of the process and governs the overall computer function.

  1. Registers

Registers are also known as temporary memory units which are responsible for holding and storing the data temporarily till the process is executed completely. They play a crucial function in the execution of the complete process successfully.

So these were some of the most important facts that everyone should know. We hope we have cleared some of the basics about the component and working of CPU. If you have any questions you can always reach out to us.


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