Five Tips for Winning in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is undoubtedly the best video game currently been played and has a huge fan following. However, to assume that the battle royale game is an easy feat would get you all wrong. To save you from committing this blunder we have put up some hacks for Warzone aimbot. These tips and tricks will not just give you a jump start in the game but also help you survive and win.

As is true in all the battle royale games, planning your moves well in advance does give you an edge. Players get so engrossed in collecting the weapon and loots that they tend to ignore the importance of positioning themselves and figuring out the location of the next circle. This in turn leads them to the Gulag early on in the game and presents them with an early defeat. It is important to plan and strategize your moves beforehand which gives you an upper edge in the game leading you to victory.

Make it quick to the battlefield

As soon as you get on the plane pick out the landing position. Check out the best spots before you land. You may have to tweak the position but there should be a valid reason to relocate. Keep the high ground because it is advantageous in a gunfight. If you are playing with a squad or a trio then ensure that all are on the page. Communicate openly which is a crucial part of team play. To begin with, aim to reach the battlefield as quickly as you can. You can do this by deploying the parachute to touch down the fastest before you enter the free-fall mode. Deploying the parachute all through the fall will slow you down. If you can manage to land first then you will be able to get hold of the better weapons and equipment. It also saves you from being a victim to the open fire from your rivals which is common in parachute drops.

Kill your enemies before you land

If you can get rid of a few enemies before you start the battle then why not give it a try? The game accommodates 150 players and if you can kill the players early on in the game then it will make it easy to win. This is an important trick that is used by professional players. They start killing their rivals when they are in the air. To do this all that you need to do is to cut the parachute when you are descending. You can use your guns to shoot the competitors and then deploy your parachute back again.

Buy a UAV and spot your rivals

It pays to invest in a sophisticated UAV that lets you spot all your enemies on the map. The UAV displays a part of the map and lets you figure out if the enemies are located close to you. You can use the tool for another purpose as well. If three teammates use the UAV at the same time then the UAV displays the retention and the position of the remaining 147 players. The UAV is an amazing tool to use but it does cost a lot of money.

Do not keep the loot for yourself

Call of Duty Warzone is a team play so you must think about your squad as much as you think about yourself. Do not keep all the loot that you have got for yourself but share it with your teammates.

You can view the finances of your teammates on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Knowing this is important because in case you get killed then your teammates should have enough money to buy you back into the game. It is thus important that you make sure that your teammates have the necessary amount to make the relevant purchases from the buy station. And you can ensure this only when you share yours plunders with your squad.

Complete all your contract tasks

Completing the contract tasks is the best way to earn money. The contract tasks could be to collect the loot boxes or to kill the enemy. Even if you are not capable of fulfilling contracts they are still of use. They can be used to reveal the position of the enemy and can show you the way to reach to the plunder. When you fulfill these contracts then it generates money for you and also gives you access to specialized abilities. The team however cannot activate more than a single contract at one time.

The hottest game available  

The Call of Duty Warzone game is the most popular game played in the market today. It is difficult to survive and win in this game. We thus have compiled some of the best tips to guide you on working your way towards the wins. Keep this guide handy and practice the game with complete dedication which is a sure-shot mantra to reach meet the goal.




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