Future Begins Google Project Ara 1
Future Begins Google Project Ara 1

Everyone in the mobile arena is trying out something new from the box every day. So Google came up with an innovative idea to make modular and customizable phone, named ‘Project Ara’. It is an initiative by Google which will simply outclass many projects going on in mobile world at this point of time. The concept of the project was declared in 2011 by Motorola Mobility and few patents of modular mobile were acquired by Google in 2012. The work on the project was started in 1st April, 2013 by Motorola. The company started to work on the project by going on the tour throughout the America and the campaign was called “MAKEwithMOTO”. The tour was decided to create and awake interest in people towards customizable phones. So the company started to sign up developers, testers and users in Ara team. The first version of project was built by using device network MIPI UNIPRO which was later improved with more efficient and better performing device network by UNIPRO. Later the Ara phone was presented by Google in a press conference in 2014 where the device just froze in the booting stage.

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Future Begins Google Project Ara 2


Since then Google has worked on it by organizing conferences where nearly 3300 developers attended that conference. The conference was held on 14-15th April, 2014 where the project was discussed to make it completely happen in the start of 2015. After that second conference was held in 14th January, 2015 where company tested the updated version of Spiral 3. The project went for pilot testing where it will be available to the customer in food-selling truck.


Future Begins Google Project Ara 3


The Ara Project is headed by Paul Eremenko and the project falls under the supervision of Regina Dugan who is running company’s Advanced Technology and Projects organization. The Ara project phones will be built using modules which can be fitted into metal frames known as ‘endos’. At the start of the selling devices where two sizes of phone will be available i.e. is ‘mini’ size which will be of the size of Nokia 3310 and ‘medium’ size will be same as of Nexus 5 size. In the coming future there will be a ‘large’ size available for the phone which will be of same length as Samsung Note 3.


Future Begins Google Project Ara 4


The modules will be made to swap various features of the phone. The module will replace main features such as camera, connectivity, display, processor, memory, battery and speakers. The device module will have a powerful constructed circuit which will be able to adapt the change in the hardware. The module is to have small battery which will provide back up while making a hot-swap. The modules will be having a electro-permanent magnets. The phone will have almost part which will be swap as per customer’s will. The modules were presented by a mobile phone manufacturer in Miami, YEZZ, who showed many modules such as video-game consoles, mobile modules and various prototypes of phone modules as well.


Future Begins Google Project Ara 5


The phone is designed for the utilization of 6 billion users and the company will be making the replaceable hardware available to customer like Google Play Store is available for software to customers. The initial cost of the phone is expected to be around 34, 999 INR (approx.) which will be within the reach of ongoing 1 billion smart phone users and 5 Billion multimedia users. The phone is to have starter display screen, battery, low performance CPU and camera. The other features can be added and the current can be upgraded by the users per his budget. The phone was expected to be launched within 2015 but due its non-completion, the Project Ara has been put on further improvement and to be upgraded with all the components which will be swappable to work properly.


Future Begins Google Project Ara 6


The companies like Sennheiser and Toshiba has joined hands with ‘Google’s Project Ara to design audio modules and Toshiba to design camera modules. These companies will be benefited once the Ara phone is launched in the market. The launch of the phone has been put on hold and is expected to be launched in America in 2016. The vision is to reduce the electronic waste which is becoming one of the major issues of the world today. So this project Ara will allow thousands of hardware manufactures to sell their products without any barrier. The user will be able to customize the phone according to his preference where he/she would like the phone to be more powerful and strong in their desired features which they tend to use frequently. So we should look forward to the launch of the Project Ara which will customize the mobile universe.



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