The existence of mobile technology makes our lives more comfortable, but occasionally it throws a wrench in the works. Has your phone gone missing? Losing your mobile device is an inconvenient hassle no-one enjoys handling.

Dealing with replacing your handset is one part of the puzzle, but what about the sensitive data on your phone? Contacts, pictures, and videos, as well as access to banking, and other apps containing personal information is cause for grave concern.

Fortunately, there are methods you can use to track down and recover your phone.


Android and iOS Tracking Solutions

Both Android and Apple users have the option of tracking their device through their operating system. For the system to work, you’ll need to ensure that your device is switched on and you have your location data active.

iOS users can turn on the location data for their phone and activate the “Find My iPhone” tab. This feature allows you to track your phone’s location by logging into your iCloud account. Use any internet enabled device to open your account and then click on settings. Then you have to click the same option as “Find My iPhone” tab button and the system shows you a map of your mobile phone’s current location, as well as the phone’s movements for the past 24-hours.

You can also add any of your family members iPhones to your account and track them as well. This handy function keeps tabs on the whereabouts of your family. However, if your phone is switched off, the program will only display its last known location. This situation is an issue if someone steals your phone and the thief removes the battery and SIM card.

If someone stole your phone, use the wipe function to delete all of your data from the device. This wiping feature prevents anyone from accessing your personal information.

Android also offers a similar service to their users. Download the “Find My Device” app from the Google Play Store. The service is free and provides the same features as iOS. You also can lock your phone remotely and display a message on the screen. If you’ve misplaced your phone, then send a message to the screen that offers a reward if anyone finds the device.

If you think you’ve misplaced your phone then you can ring the device and wait for the sound, this feature works even if your phone is in silent mode.


Third Party Tracking Apps


The Google and iOS tracking apps are both excellent ways to track your mobile device. However, third-party apps take phone tracking to another level. Apps like GPS-Handy Orten have all the features of the Google and Apple products, plus a whole lot more functionality.

GPS-Handy Orten has additional features such as the Life360 package. The functions in this app allow you to track everyone in your family through their mobile device, in real-time. There’s no more calling your kids at 8 p.m. to find out where they are. The app shows you their exact location and how much battery life they have left on their phone.

The app sends you real-time alerts when family members arrive at their location, so they don’t have to send you a text to let you know they’ve arrived safely.

You’re also able to see their past location history, giving you’re the ability to track their movements throughout the day. The Life360 package allows you to monitor their driving habits.

GPS-Handy Orten sends you reports of hard braking and speeding that may cause accidents. If your son or daughter Are involved in a collision, you can notify emergency services from within the interface of the app.



In Closing – Be Proactive

All three of these solutions require you to load or activate the apps or software before you lose your phone. If you fail to do this before your device goes missing, then the best you can hope for is a report on your phones last location. That won’t help you very much.

It’s critical that you be proactive to prevent this from happening. Download a third party app to your phone and take a few minutes to learn the interface. When your phone goes missing, you’ll be positioned to find it immediately.


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