How to change vibration on iphone

APPLE’S  latest software update – iOS 10 is really a happiest point to the iPhone users.  After a successful update of  iOS 9, now iOS 10 is showing its new amazing features. It has come up with many new brilliant features. One of them is Iphone vibration settings for particular contact which we will discuss in the present article.

You may be wondering that this is not a new feature of iPhone but iOS 9 was also having this feature. Then you must be clear that there is a slight change in changing vibration pattern for each contact as compared to iOS 9. So, let’s see how to change vibration on iphone ::

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Let’s have a quick look on how to change vibration on Iphone for all contacts 

To change vibration for all contacts, the procedure in iOS 10 is same as in iOS 9. First go to settings and select sounds.  Then you will see an option of Ringtones,  select the Ringtone option  and then Vibration.

Go to Settings  > select Sounds  > Ringtone > Vibration.


how to change vibration on iphone


Select the vibration you want for incoming calls for all the contacts as you desire. But there is a slight change in iOS 10 to change vibration for each contact. Let’ discuss below-

Change vibration on iPhone in iOS 10 for particular contact

  • Select the Contacts Tab after launching the phone app.
  • Select the desired contact for which you wish to change the vibration pattern on an incoming call.
  • Then the contact details will be shown on the screen and now select Edit at the top right corner.
  • Select Ringtone and after it tap on Vibration.
  • Select the vibration pattern as u desire and with it tap on Ringtone at the top left corner.
  • Now select Done at the top right corner to save the changes. And again select done at the top right corner to save the changes for the particular contact.

how to change vibration on i phone

Now, when there will be a call from the above selected contact you will have a vibration pattern.  Enjoy ! Check out more on IOS 11 .

Now let’s see how to Enable or Disable vibration in IOS 11

  • First of all go to settings on your iphone.
  • Then you have to click on general option in settings option.
  • Once you have clicked on general tab on settings menu after that go to accessibility option which is located in general option.

Change vibration on iphone

  • Then from the option that you see on your screen click on vibration option.
  • From there you can change the vibration of your choice and also you can turn off or on your vibration.

Now we’ll be talking about the five new amazing features of IOS 11:

In 2017 the Apple rolled out its one of the biggest update till date, the all new IOS 11. This update has come up with all new exciting features and many customization to do. It is the first time ever that Apple has come outside its ecosystem by providing the users with its needs and common requirements which were previously missing in previous updates. Today we will be talking about all the new features that Apple has come up with its new IOS 11. Android OS is coming up with user requirements and needs every year with their updates but the Apple is still far from Android in terms of its freedom and flexibility to users. So, let’s talk about the new features that Apple has come up with in order to compete with Android OS

  • Customize control panel: Apple has totally changed the control panel of Iphones. The control panel now comes with more customization and with many cool effects that looks far way better than Android OS. Now users can also customize the control panel according to their needs and choice which is great. Finally Apple is providing some freedom to its users.
  • Dark mode in IOS 11: Now you can run your Iphone in dark mode unlike Android smartphones. This feature was simply missing in Apple but now have have rolled out this feature with its IOS 11. Dark mode simply looks cool and adds extra touch to your display. Its also enhances the overall look of the screen with a good user experience.
  • Edit your live photos: This one is amazing fro me at least! Now you can edit your live photos that you have taken from you Iphone. Earlier there was no option to edit live photos in IOS 10 but now you can edit your live photos. You can simply do crop, edit effects to photos, adjust brightness and many more things now. Live photos option was simply amazing from Apple and now they have added icing on the cake by providing you with the editing options for live photos.

change vibration on iphone

  • Track your flight: Yes you heard me right! Now you can also track your or your’s relatives flight with the all new IOS 11. You simply have to know the flight number of that person whose flight you want to track. If you have the flight number then you can simply paste that number on Safari browser and then the Safari browser will give you the every details about that flight number.
  • Scan documents and notes: Now you can easily scan you documents and notes directly through your Iphone. This will help you to copy your notes and documents directly to your phone without the use of photostat machine. It will scan the documents and remove the unwanted part of the documents that you don’t know. SO, this is a quite advanced feature given by Apple to its users.



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