control pc remotely

So we are here with a new interesting article about free remote desktop connection which means now you can control computer remotely means through your smartphone.

In this article we are going to discuss about controlling your PC/Laptop through your smartphones easily. You may be thinking that how can this be possible. But yes, this is possible and can be done in very easy steps. You will just need to click on your touchscreen phone and you can move your PC cursor as you want. You can perform any task on your PC by using your smartphone.

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So lets have  a look on the steps for controlling your PC through your smartphone by using Team Viewer:

STEP 1- For this you need to first download Team Viewer: Remote Control on your smartphone. And also download it on your computer desktop and open it.

STEP 2- Now in your phone, you need to enter your desktop’s ID to control the computer screen.

                      control pc remotely control pc remotely

STEP 3- Now enter the password that is shown on your computer screen. Following it, it will now show you the dialog box on your phone screen where you are instructed with some information about controlling the pointer.

Now your smartphone is ready to control your computer’s screen. You will now see your computer screen on your phone.

control pc remotely

You can also control pc remotely by downloading the Chrome Remote Desktop app:

STEP 1- For remote desktop connection first we need to download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your smartphone. After downloading open the app, above My Computers you will see a label and below it you’ll see your google account. Now you need to log into your device.

STEP 2 – Next open Google Chrome in your PC and install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. So now the extension will be added to your Chrome, click on it and you will see all the apps that you have installed. And then you’ll see icon- Chrome Remote Desktop and click on it.

control pc remotely

STEP 3- Now just follow the steps your PC asks and then it will automatically download a software for remote sharing to your PC. After installing click on get started after following the indications.

STEP 4-  You are supposed to set a pin for Remote Computer Share and enable the feature after that.

STEP 5- Now go to your mobile app and at the top in the right side there will be an option of refresh. Just click over it and you’ll see your PC in the list. Again click on it and enter a PIN there. You will now access your computer screen. That’s it !

Above information about controlling your PC by smartphone is very interesting. It is very easy to use and is reliable. Now you can have access of your computer screen anywhere on your smartphone by just proceeding some simple and uncomplicated steps. Now create free desktop remote connection anywhere.


 Stay tuned for more control PC remotely articles.


  1. Yes this is the only way to connect your phone to PC, but how to connect iphone to Mac, same as like window to smart phone . please reply need to know, now i have switch apple.


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