how to grow your youtube channel

How to grow your YouTube channel

The crazy statistics about YouTube is worth the watch. There are around 800 million people who visit YouTube every month. There were around 1 trillion views of YouTube in the year 2011. It is one of the most used applications by the people. The number is still rapidly increasing. This is a huge opportunity for the content marketers to grasp a better insight of the information.

Also, as the exam season is near, it is very beneficial for YouTubers to start channels on exams like JEE Mains, CAT, AP-ICET 2018-2019, TS-ICET 2018-19, CMAT etc. As the season is start and the student enrollment is very high one has a very good chance of earning a substantial amount in a short span.

All you need are some of the hard hitting strategies which will draw people’s attention and will convince them to subscribe to your channel on YouTube.

how to grow your youtube channel

Some of the tactics are shared below –

Art of Storytelling

It is very essential to monitor the attention score in order to measure the good storytelling.  The good story telling cannot be replaced and it is very essential to look at the attention score as it will show you the level of attention or the time spent by the people watching your videos. If the score is solid red, it means that you are performing well, however if the graph falls it means that you need to go for a change. There are basically two types of video content which means there are different attention levels for both. For the entertainment videos, the good headlines and the enticing thumbnails can grab most of the attention.


 how to grow your youtube channel



The second thing which must be kept in mind is to use annotations. These are basically the notes on the videos which will help you increase the audience in the most effective way. There can be various ways to do it such as creating a sticky note which might suggest people to subscribe to your channel, or allowing the users to create a clickable annotation on the video itself in order to drive people to the landing or the product page, one can also link the annotations to the videos, and so on. All these tactics can be used to grasp user’s attention.

how to grow your youtube channel

Video Planning

One of the most important steps is planning a good video. There should be some elements in the video planning which are a must such as the keyword research, transcript, bookmarking of the sites, social media engagement and the blog. The video must be embedded on the website and then the process of sharing it can begin.


The most important thing is to add the YouTube widget to the blog in order to drive the traffic using a widget. The embedding of the videos should take place on the blog in order to keep all the visitors engaged to the website. For this, one can ask the users about using a subscription widget. It is very simple to install and is a must use for increasing the traffic. The bloggers can also include the call to action graphics which will be displayed on the video when played. The words behind this video can be controlled.


Also, one can add the featured channels on it in order to increase the traffic.

 how to grow your youtube channel

Creating Content

One can also take the help of the content creators on YouTube for the better support for your channel.

Creating personalized videos is one such option for the bloggers as far as it depends upon the quality. The lightning, camera, microphone all should be in check and mist be used properly in order to intimidate the viewers.

The real magic always happens due to the audience if it is consistent. This will rapidly increase the traffic and the shares for your videos. There should be a committed schedule to share in common, churn out the quality, and authenticate videos as per that schedule. The punctuality and the discipline are the factors to be prioritized. There are a large number of tactics available, however it all depends upon the optimum utilization of the resources and timely efforts which can help you grow your YouTube channel and will inculcate a measure of success in the minds of the bloggers.

how to grow your youtube channel

Today, many college website have their own YouTube channels to keep students aware of the new updates and create a brand name. A few of those universities are- international institute of information technology (iiit) hyderabad, Amity Gurgaon, Apeejay Styla University and many more.


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