how to stay away from social media

Do you have a count of nights you have slept at 3 reading comments on your Instagram and Facebook? I made a count, it’s 4 days out of 7 in a week for me. Urgh, the morning after is usually terrible.


How often does your hand subconsciously move towards the mobile when you want a break between work?


How do you know if you are addicted to social media?

Imagine you left your mobile at home. And you realized it only after you reached work. If the thought of staying without your mobile in a work environment gives the jitters, then this article is for you to read. You Sire’ / Mademoiselle, are addicted to Social Media. Yes, that’s a term and a lot of us have it.


For someone born in the 90’s without any social media interaction until early adulthood, I find social media to be a blessing. It is wonderful how social media allows you to post pictures from one corner of the world for others to enjoy it too. But somewhere this blessing was Disguised to be a disaster too. Social Media has the ability to be a boon to users who know when to not allow it to take charge of your life. It is only in the past decade that social media has crept from our computer screens to the Mobiles in our hands. This easy access to our smartphone has a very important role to play in social media addiction.


Addiction to social media is not entirely a user’s fault. All social media sites are designed for the user to use them and check them back at frequent intervals. That addiction of yours is how WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram generate their revenues. Addiction to social media tends to make you lethargic and can affect your relationship with people around you. It is of crucial importance, that you understand why it is important for you to take a social media detox.

how to stay away from social media

Here are 5 ways that will help you limit your addiction to social media:


  1. Acknowledge your addiction to social media

Remember how often do people around you complain about you being on the phone round the clock. Think of all the times you have regretted neglecting your responsibilities because you were online. In case you notice a pattern it is high time you take a decision to acknowledge your addiction.

You need to understand that overcoming your denial is the first step you are taking towards acknowledging your addiction.


  1. Turn off your Notifications

When your notification is turned off, you get occupied with your daily routine. Life is easier to function without a buzzer reminding you of the social world that runs parallel. You tend to be less distracted without notifications buzzing on your phone. Here is a trick from personal experience. When you come back to your social media you have more notifications, making it a more delightful experience.


  1. Find a new Hobby and have more real-life interactions

I had the tendency to grab my phone at the slightest of excuse. Every time my body needed a break my hand would subconsciously move towards my mobile. I realized it later that during my breaks I was actually straining myself more. Find pleasures in real things around you. For me, it was conversations with people that I found interesting.

Try substituting your addiction with a healthy habit. This means that every time you have the urge to check your social media do a set of 15 squats or drink a glass of water. (Do this at your own risk, you will have to use the restroom that frequently)

how to stay away from social media

  1. Limit yourself

Getting out of any addiction is not an easy task. The usage of Social Media is very important in today’s world. No matter how hard you try you cannot stay updated without the social media. Resist your urge to post until and unless it is very interesting. Try refraining from commenting and liking pictures and posts just for the heck of it. I personally used the messenger a lot until a friend reminded me that the last call I made him was years ago. Block people on Social media you do not want to stay in touch with. By doing this you can avoid conversations or interactions that are of less value.

And most importantly, set yourself a time limit for social media usage.


  1. Take help from people around you

It is not in everyone’s capacity to fight the urge of social media constantly. You can seek help from therapists that are trained in that area. There are support groups with people with the same addictions as yours. Taking help from such support groups helps you see how different people with the same problem overcome their addictions.

Taking help from people in your family and workplace can be very meaningful. I had asked my coworkers and spouse to engage me in conversations every time I was reaching out for my mobile.





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