There are many people who lost their smartphones and they want to track the smartphone but they don’t know the method of tracking the smartphone with the laptop. Here I am telling you that the method of tracking your smartphone with the system. Let’s start the discussion of tracking the smartphone.

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One of the simplest method of tracking your smartphone with Laptop with the help of your Google Accounts. You must contain the Android smartphone with your Google Account that must be signed up with your Google Accounts. You must have any PC in which your Google Account is also logged in. Then, Search on the Google Tab “Where is my Phone”. After writing the line you will get your mobile location on the Google Maps. It will give you exact location of the smartphone.

track your phone

The Method is very easy and efficient to track your Smartphone without any other things that are required by the user. The steps are as Follows:-

Step1: The smartphone and Laptop must be logged in with your Same Google accounts.

Step2: Go to Google Search Tab.

Step3: Click on Search Bar and write “where is My phone”.

Step4: After the result and Click on Google Maps.

Step5: You will get your Smartphone Locations.

Some useful notes before using this method of tracking your smartphone:

  1. You must have your Google accounts which should be logged in your smartphone and your Laptop both. The google account must be same.
  2. In your smartphone, both locations and internet access must be enabled on your smartphone. If both are disable than the method is not applicable to your smartphone.
  3. You can ring your smartphone after using above method.

Here, this method of tracking your smartphone with your laptops is very easy and there are many ways of tracking your smartphone. Google account is very important for tracking your smartphone.

track your phone

There are many more things that can be done with the help of Google:

  • You can get the exact time of any country.
  • You can use calculator with the Google
  • You can play any video with your google browser.
  • You can play Pacman online on Google.
  • You can track your Smartphone.
  • You can Search anything on Google.
  • You will get converter and you can convert cm to m and many more.
  • You get 5GB of cloud storage.
  • You can earn money with Google using Adsense.


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