How to Unlock iPhone 7 and Access it Anywhere

Hey, whenever you hear the name of mobile phones and offer to choose one of the brand then which name knocks the core of your heart? Yes, if I am not wrong, it is absolutely Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone is not recognized by its brand only but also very well known about its qualities and customer support services.

Nowadays, it is the status symbol of having Apple iPhone. It makes the mobile phone customers into two categories one who have iPhone and second one who have not.

Apple iPhone has its different variant and launches different models time to time such as iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and recently launched iPhone X.

Apple iPhone 7 is one of the most popular models in respect of its features and with this respect unlocking iPhone 7 is on rise.. We want to keep our phones very safely however somehow we did some mistakes and our phones will be locked and we become worried and tensed about its data and contacts. 

We want to unlock the iphone as soon as possible and we are ready to pay and in tensed situation we rush towards the local shops which do not give guarantee  and in some cases it led to the untold story. Then the question is what we will have to do to get rid of this tensed situation.

Firstly, we have to know about its locking system and its solutions. There are 2 types of locking in iPhone:

1. By Forgetting Passcode and

2. Network locking

If we forget our passcode and the phone get locked then the phone needs to be restored to its default settings by using iTunes. A factory restore erases the information and settings on your iPhone and installs the latest version of iOS software.

Get the device ready

  1. Firstly check out the latest version of iTunes on your Mac or PC. (If your device still works then no need to connect to Mac or PC, you can restore your phone without connecting to computer)
  2. Make a Backup (If you want to save your information.)
  3. Go to Settings then> (your name) > iCloud > then turn off Find My iPhone. (Make sure no other devices turn on)

Restore the device to Factory Settings

1. Open iTunes on your Mac. (If your device still works then no need to connect to Mac or PC, you can restore your phone without connecting to computer)

2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the cable that came with your device.

3. If a message pops up for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen steps. 

4. Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes. For an unresponsive device or one that won’t turn on, learn what to do. Or get help if your device doesn’t appear in iTunes.  How to Unlock iPhone                                               

5. In the Summary panel, click Restore (Device). 

How to Unlock iPhone 7

6. Click Restore again to confirm. After that iTunes automatically erases your device data and installs the latest iOS software. 

How to Unlock i Phone

7. After restoring to factory settings, now you are able to set your device up as new.


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