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There are constantly new online platforms or devices being introduced into the ever-increasing digital marketplace. As a business owner, this can be one of the factors that can help increase your sales and brand awareness. With new businesses starting every day, you need to take advantage of everything that is at your disposal to rise to the top and stay ahead.

One of this is the use of new developmenting online platforms, and here are some ways you can take advantage of them to help your business grow.

Take advantage of social media platforms

Social media is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reach your audience and potential customers or ones you may otherwise never reach. These platforms are also great ways to build brand awareness and cement your brand imagery and colors online.

Rather than signing up for every social media platform available, as more are being developed and released every day, it might be best to choose one or two that you can focus your energy on. Research where your audience is, what social media platforms they use and how best to reach them and focus your energy on these areas. Or if you are considering attracting new audiences, research where you may find them and start building an online profile.

Your business can build brand awareness by producing consistent and uniform social media content. It means including your business logo on photos you may post or use colors that represent your brand.

Likewise, customize content according to which platform you choose. For Instagram, take advantage of graphics fit for the platform’s square gallery or perhaps try experimenting with the new vertical frame of IGTV. For Twitter, short tweets with a photo might be best for shareable content. You can even link back to your website with the remaining characters.

Optimize website for mobile and tablet use

A mobile and tablet-optimized website ensures that the customer stays long enough to buy a product or service. Google found that if a customer’s needs are not met in the first instance when they click on a website, they are more likely to click away and check out a competitor’s services.

Mobile optimization renders your website easily accessible and readable when viewed on mobiles and tablets, which is where, in today’s technology-driven society, most potential customers may be browsing.

Ensure that your contact page does not lead to an error message as this can be the perfect way to gather customer feedback to help grow your business. This open communication will also help cement your brand’s impression as customer friendly.

Introduce effective online payment processes

Convenience is key when enticing a potential customer. With today’s hectic, busy lifestyles, we are always moving and always working; having a quick payment process and delivery can add points to a potential customer thinking of buying your product or service.

There are many types of online credit card processing systems, so do your research and see what is available for you. Doing so will not only increase customer satisfaction but may even help you manage your finances and keep track of transactions no matter what industry you are in.

Invite subscribers and introduce loyalty programs

One way of persuading customers to return and, at the same time, reward current customers, is by introducing a rewards system.

You can do this in many ways such as a weekly or monthly newsletter. It will require inviting customers or visitors on your website to add their email addresses to your list and agree to receive emails about the business and any other information.

Once you have a list, then you can decide whether this is weekly or monthly or otherwise. Information may include business updates, any upcoming products, and discounts that are exclusively available to those who have signed up to receive the newsletter.

You can create these newsletters yourself through email or utilize online programs such as MailChimp or Dotmailer where you can also keep track of your contact list and subscribers.

Collaborate and form partnerships

Meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives have never been easier through the internet. Join forums and follow others who have similar interests or business as you and reach out.

You can even suggest a collaborative project such as releasing a product or service. Not only will this increase your contacts but can also attract a whole different set of customers from the associated company and increase your website traffic and sales.

There are many ways to use online strategies to increase your business growth and many more innovations being released every day. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new ways to promote your business and engage with your customers. Some of the quirkiest and strangest online strategies and partnerships have been some of the most successful.



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