HTC U Ultra And U Play Finally steps into 2017......

Touch screens , Androids , Windows and more. Such terms were first introduced by HTC to the world. It was HTC corporation who launched first ever android phone T-mobiles , The first Microsoft powered phone and The first Microsoft 3g phone back in 1998 ,2002 & 2005.


Yes! HTC had an intense time when their US market share were drowned. But as it says “ a calm sea doesn’t make skilled sailor ” Same methodology leads to HTC growing stronger rising their shares back to ideal value in 2015. They proved that bad time flies when HTC is pilot and the pilot was HTC one series making boom in the market. Later on in 2016 HTC steped in the VR world with HTC VivePort. HTC’s gears are still on as they entered 2017 by announcing HTC U ULTRA & HTC U PLAY Smartphones officially beginning U SERIES.


HTC U Ultra And U Play Finally steps into 2017.


HTC U ULTRA with 5.7 inch HD display with 2 inch secordary display for poping notifications , 2.15 Ghz core Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 821. The U ULTRA has 12 Megapixel and Ultra pixel 2 rear camera with flash Laser Autofocus , Auto High Dynamic range (HDR) and secondary camera being 16MP and can shift to Ultrapixel mode which is 4X more light senstitive than standard mode exciting the selfies in dark. The ULTRA has 4 GB RAM & 64 GB storage expandable upto 2TeraBytes. Thats huge!!! Do not worry, the sappire variant with 128 GB storage would be made available for limited period. The phone weighs 170g with 3000 mAh battery & Android 7.0. Colour opions available are Sapphire blue , Ice white , brilliant blue , cosmetic pink.

HTC U PLAY with 5.2 inch HD display , 16MP rear camera which do not support Laser Autofocus , octa core MediaTek processor available both in 3GB/4GB RAM & 32/64GB ROM. Rest being same as U ULTRA


HTC U Ultra And U Play Finally steps into 2017...


What’s new in U SERIES…..

  • well U ULTRA & U PLAY are introduced with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE which supports SENSE COMPANION as referred by HTC. Sense companion in simple words Priortise everything by analyzing your usage patterns. User needs to perform an initial setup to guide the AI & rest it can handle on his own. Sense companion will pop priortise notifications on top say texts from the person you call more often will be on top than else notifications ; It will inform you weather only when its unusual ; Recommeded you your favourite products for shopping & more. But this sense companion will work only with core HTC applications.
  • U SERIES also enables biometric voice recognition. Both the phones are built with four microphones to record 3D Audio. Voice recognition works independent of google assistance within 2m of range. You can now act more lazy by waking your phone withput even touching it!!
  • U SERIES lack 3.5 mm jack instead has USB C port that works with the partner being NEW U SONIC EARPHONES where sound can be customized according to type of music you listen. Moreover they has microphone within the earbud to map audio frequiencies of ear for auto customization with sense companion.
  • HTC known for stlye & elegance presented U SERIES with 3D countour glass design known as liquid surface & No fingerprints can blur it.


HTC U Ultra And U Play Finally steps into 2017.....


The U Series will be made available in March (expected). U ULTRA pricing at NT $23,900 (INR 51,624) , U PLAY at NT $ 13,906 ( INR 30,000) & limited stock Sapphire Glass with 128GB at NT $ 28,900 ( INR 62,500)

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