Impact of Smartphones on Human Life

In the modern world, technology has made the lives of people much more relaxed and easy. Technology is the key factor for changing the lives of people. People’s approach to things and their standard of living has also been improved. Everyday great changes can be seen in technology. There was a dire need for human beings to establish communication channel across the sea and borders to communicate with people.

Eventually, Technology was combined which resulted in the invention of smartphones that are communication gadgets providing great functionality and usage to people. Today, it seems like just about everyone possesses a smartphone. Due to having advanced technology and other capabilities, smartphones gained popularity very quickly. Before the invention of smartphones, there were many devices which were used including regular mobile phones, and PDA devices.

The smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced features and functionality beyond traditional functionalities like making phone calls and sending text messages. The Smartphone can display photos, play games, videos, navigation, built-in camera, audio/video playback, and recording, send/receive e-mail, built-in applications for social websites. Due to these reasons, the Smartphone‘s are now becoming a common choice for consumers. Smartphones features like camera, video capture attracts people’s attention as they can capture pictures and videos at any time and can share it with family and friends by using social websites.

For instance, Google launches its smartphone with the phenomenal camera system. This Google pixel 2 review shows us the highest rating ever given to a camera on a phone. It has a 12.2-megapixel  sensor with optical image stabilization which gives the picture more professional and focuses on the main subject.

Smartphones are preferred mainly due to the advantages they offer through media platforms. Smartphones are the key factor in offering:

  • Better way to communicate with people
  • Opportunity to learn new things
  • Ease of using several applications
  • Getting exposed on a global scale
  • Social responsibility and personality development
  • Business development
  • Learning and career growth

Smartphone has an impact on almost all walk of human life. The prominent areas, where impacts of the smartphone are obvious include education, business,  social life, and health. Cultural norms and behavior of individuals have drastically changed due to mobile technology. The impacts of smartphones are both on the positive side and also on the negative side. At one end Smartphone is enabling people to create their micro-cultures and engage in different activities and on the other end, The smartphone is enabling people to remain connected all the time.


Smartphone has created new dimensions of business. It’s not only the smartphone vendors enjoying the business, but it has also created a new domain for mobile application developing countries.


Smartphones have introduced other means for knowledge lover to fulfill their thrust and dreams. The smartphones provide access to modern society a massive amount of educational and learning resources. With the smartphones, you can have access to data through the internet, which helps in the development of quality education.


According to a survey, most people use smartphones to have access to health-related issues.

Social life

Smartphones have changed the social life of people drastically. They play an important role in the integration process of people with special needs and elderly age. Smartphone gives the opportunity to this group of people to live more independently and enjoy their life.

Psychological impacts

Smartphones have tremendous impacts on Human psychology as they provide mean to reduce stress in busy work life. It enables its users to interact with friends and family when they get time.


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