IT Support Interview Questions Answers

Every Job is easy to get if you have prepared for that in advance. You need a mix of working skills as well as people skills to land to your dream job.

Now if we talk about IT Support Job, it requires technical skills as well as great communication skills to make your customer happy by solving their problem technically as well as psychologically.

Lets checkout these 7 Sure Shot IT Support Interview Questions and Answers That Can Get You a Job as an Technical Support Manager

1. What was your motivation to get into technical or IT Support?

From the beginning, I was fascinated by technology and its uses. I want to put my knowledge into right place by helping people in problems and solving them right away.

2. There are so many IT Support Companies, why did you particularly applied to our company?

There are several reasons for applying to your company. One of which is the work culture of your company that is very open and friendly. Team work is what I have seen in your employees in and out of the campus. The employee reviews on Glassdoor are recommendable and I seek this kind of open cultured company.

Second you company is impacting the lives of over a million customers in a great way and the growth rate of your company from last 3 years is tremendous and I saw my own growth with the company’s growth.

3. What makes you qualified for this Tech Support job?

According to the job description I am up to the mark according to your requirements. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I have a I feel that I’m qualified because I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

I do justice with the experience you seek. I have worked for a software company in IT support for 5 years and my last designation was of IT Support Manager. I have capacity of handling team and advance Tech Support tools like Zendesk and Sales Force and many others. I can handle the support in both English and Spanish.

4. What is your unique troubleshooting process?

First of all understanding a problem is very important. I gather facts and figures from customer. Then I rectify and verify the issue. Then its time to try some regular quick fix solutions, if that works then its okay otherwise I dig deep into it until solution is found. Then I apply the solution and fix the bug and at last verify with the customer.

5. Describe something where you went above and beyond the rules to help a customer.

In my previous company, there was such kind of incident where I helped the customer beyond my work limits. The customer had an issue that was repeating every week. The common fixes were solving the problem but temporarily. After doing more research on it, I was able to fix the problem permanently. I called the customer personally to implement the repair.

6. What is more important Technical Skills or Customer Handling Skills?

In my opinion both of these skills are equally important. Without customer handling skills you will not be able to address to the problems of the customer. Without technical skills and in depth knowledge you will not able to solve the problem efficiently.

7. Where do you see yourself in next five years?

Right now, I plan to add more skills and experience. Honestly speaking, I would like to move into a management role in IT technical support within next five years. What I genuinely like about the company is how they actively develop their employees in terms of skills and responsibility. I feel that I can consistently improve myself here and move into more responsible roles for your organization.

If you have more questions in your mind about IT support role then comment below, we will get back to you with a workable answer.


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