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KDLINKS DX2 is an extremely popular and trusted brand, when we talk about a reliable best front and rear dash cam in the industry. it is a trusted brand which is serving the best dash cam to the customers. let’s get started with the review of KDLINKS DX2 dual dash cam. All the features are perfect and very well designed with all trending technology attribute. The superb dual dash cam come with 2 superior quality lens to capture both front and rear activities. the camera quality is beyond amazement.  All the activities are recorded in high resolution. The video footage comes with full-HD Video 1920*1080 resolution, everything is a 30fps. Every time you will be getting perfect video quality. If you want to see the list of top 10 best dash cam 2018 then you can visit here.


kd links dx2

Here are the clear-cut review about the amazing KDLINKS DX2 Dual Dash Cam


Wide Angle Lens: when we say about the dual dash cam of KDLINKS DX2, it has got everything starting from the features to the latest technology. The KDLINKS DX2 comes with amazing wide lens which have perfect 165 degrees + 125-degree angle. With this perfect wide angle lens, you capture almost everything with perfect in and around your car.


Superior Night-vision: The market is flooded with huge several duals cam which works well at daylight time but fails to justify itself during night time and at the darker situation. But, the amazing part about KDLINKS DX2 is it performs exceptionally well during daylight as well as during the night. it is a best dual dash cam in the industry which has good night performance. The night vision of KDLINKS DX2 is amazing and you can get a clear idea of objects near your car even at night. KDLINKS DX2  has got amazing F1.6 Six-Glass lenses which have the perfect Wide Dynamic Range and video system which follows the similar technology of  HDR in camera, this is the reason everytime you get clear shoot videos even in the low light and night.


G-Sensor: if you want to lock the current file then you can always make use of Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection Feature. With the help of this feature, you can immediately detect unfriendly sudden activities happen, additionally if a sudden activity is noted the current recorded file will be saved automatically. This file can be used as an evidence for future purpose. Prevention is always better than cure.


Additional Features: Apart from all the amazing features  KDLINKS DX2  has routes  Large 3″ screen and the super slim design which makes it the most stylish dash cam. you also get a 16GB micro SD card which can be used as and when required.


Final Verdict

We have provided all the details regarding the amazing KDLINKS DX2 dual dash cam, based on this you can definitely make the purchasing designing. if you are looking for a dash cam front and rear with great features and amazing technology then this will serve you the best in the long run.  The final verdict is an big yes.


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