The Advantages of Using Kodi for all of Your Media Needs

As more and more people gain access to the internet, and internet service providers continue to improve both the bandwidth and speed that families have access to, we’re going to see traditional TV mediums, namely satellite and cable, decline. Before, you were limited to buying pre-made packages, that included many channels you never watched, but still paid for, with programming that you had to tune in at specific times to enjoy.

Streaming has done away with all that. Now, we have the ability to choose what shows we want to watch, when we want to watch them, and where. Whereas before, we had to wait for each episode to come on once a week, now we can binge watch entire seasons at a time. Not only that, but streaming our entertainment means we don’t have to wait until the end of the day; we can watch a movie from our laptop on the beach, listen to music on our phones while we wait for the train, and catch up on the best funny cat videos on YouTube during our lunch break.

But with so many options, and so many different services to choose from, which app is the best for rolling up all of our favorite streaming media into one convenient location? Of all the services out there, I’ve found that Kodi leaves all of the rest choking on its dust, and here’s why.

All of Your Media, in One Location

Kodi offers you the ability to consolidate almost any type of media available into one location. Whether your interest is in streaming music, online videos, movies, or TV shows, Kodi supports it all.

In addition, Kodi isn’t limited to content that you have to stream. You can upload your own photos to browse, or even create unique presentations, while lounging on the couch.

It’s Very Customizable

Kodi can be configured in a variety of ways, based on your user preferences and tastes. With a variety of different skins available, you’re sure to find a look that fits your tastes, and even blends in with your other home decor choices pieces in the room!

It’s Supported on Many Devices

No matter if you prefer media on your phone, TV, or laptop. Any system that uses Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, or OSX can support Kodi. You can even upload it onto your Amazon Fire Stick very easily, allowing you access to even more media options.

It’s Constantly Being Updated

When it comes to software, firmware, and apps, keeping current is essential. Even the best programs have flaws and vulnerabilities, and updates are all about fixing what’s broken, and protecting your information while you enjoy your entertainment. Kodi has a dedicated team of tech enthusiasts, who constantly provide updates, so you can rest assured that if a problem arises, someone’s already addressing it.

Not limiting themselves to just problems and security, the team at Kodi is constantly gathering feedback from their users, making tweaks and changes that enhance the interface, and giving you the best user experience possible!

It’s Free

While most media outlets and streaming services charge a premium, Kodi is free and open source, meaning that you can enjoy all of your favorite movies, TV shows, and songs, in whatever format they come in, for nothing.

Because the folks at Kodi are lovers of media themselves, and keep up with the latest trends in software and hardware, they understand what it’s like to want to view a video, or look at the pics your friends snapped on a vacation, only to find that your TV, phone, or computer doesn’t support the media file. They developed Kodi as a solution, and because they enjoy free things themselves (who doesn’t?), they’re committed to giving you the kind of service that they’d love to have themselves, at no charge to you!


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