Launch event A huge dissapointment from ASUS and Huawei

Today ASUS launched its new ZenFone series smartphones. Honestly speaking I was expecting these smartphones since last month. Everybody had huge expectations from these new flagships. The ASUS launched three new phones i.e. the ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 deluxe and ZenFone 3 ultra. All the three phones come with great specs and features. But the main thing audience waiting for was its prices. In India we buy things by looking at their prices, we hardly go for features and other things. Firstly the price is the first preference. But the ASUS priced the phones very high that now nobody is even interested in pronouncing ZenFone name. Really they have disappointed a lot the Indian customers. I am failing to understand by what means has the ASUS priced its phones that much high? I think its better to go for i phone6s rather than these. 

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Launch event A huge dissapointment from ASUS and Huawei1


Firstly, I tell you about the prices of all the three phones so that you get an idea what I am talking about. ZenFone 3 is priced around 17, 000 in the international markets but in India it is launched for 21, 999 at starting which rises up to 28, 999. Now come to ZenFone 3 Deluxe, the phone is priced at a price tag of 49, 999 in India whereas in overseas it is available for around 25, 000 to 30, 000. Now the last, ZenFone 3 Ultra, it is priced at 63, 000 which is I think the highest priced phone till date. Common ASUS these are not laptops, these are phones. I was also willing to but this phone, but now a big no from my side. Whom the ASUS wants to compete Apple, Samsung, LG or any other? But this looks like they are now far away from competition. None of the smartphones are priced right.



Launch event A huge dissapointment from ASUS and Huawei2


The things don’t stop here people. Today Huawei also launched its new budget category smartphone, yes the budget category smartphone I am again telling you budget category smartphone i.e. the all new P9 for ……….12,000? 15, 000? Let it be 20, 000? No? But this was supposed to be budget category phone. First, let me tell you the actual price. The phone is priced at a massive 40, 000 INR. I think they are also inspired from the ASUS or may be ASUS inspired a lot from Huawei. I think P9’s journey ends even before its start. Guys today was the most disappointing day for the smartphone world. But wait the Xiaomi will never disappoint us. Now I can easily say that “what Xiaomi gives nobody can give that”.

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