made witih mettal Lenovo iip500

If we look at 2016 stats, the Lenovo has bagged a 3rd position in terms of laptops. Due to Lenovo’s unique design and features the company is growing day by day. So, looking at all this i also thought of giving a quick overview of the all new Lenovo IP500 to you people. So, talking about this laptop the laptop comes in two variants, the one comes with 15.6 inch and another one comes with the 14 inch varinat. So, let’s talk about the 15.6 inch variant first.

made with metal Lenovo ip500
So, as i mentoined earlier the laptop comes with 15.6 inch of fully HD screen. The laptop comes with Intel I5 6th generation processor. It is also available in Intel I7. It comes with 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB of NVIDIA graphic card. The internal storage of the laptop is 1 TB so you will be able to save many stuffs in your laptop. The laptop is provided with JBL speakers and the output of the speakers is just awesome guys. I really like the sound quality of this laptop. ¬†Actually i don’t like the laptops that have very big screens. So, i also bought a 14 inch variant for myself.


made with metal Lenovo iip500
So now let’s move to 14 inch variant. This variant comes with only Intel I5 6th gen processor. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of RADEON graphic card. But the internal storage of this latop is also 1 TB unlike 15.6 variant. there are two memory slots available in this variant so you can also expand your laptop’s RAM upto 16 GB. Other things are same as the 15.6 inch variant.
Talking about its design the laptop is fully made up of metal and the keypad is also backlit here. There is a good finish of plastics at the front of the laptop. Plastics that Lenovo has used are of some great quality. So, guys its up to you what you choose what you like. Below you can check the video of this laptop that i have made. It will give you some idea about its design.

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