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Personal assistant is on the early stages of the development, Nokia is reportedly working on its personal assistant “Viki” to compete with the Apple’s Siri, Google’s personal assistant, Cortana, Alexa. Nokia is back in the market with some new mobile to touch its earlier success in the mobile market. Future will be AI (artificial intelligence) dependent so almost every top company are working on their personal assistant to make it more user friendly and easy to use.


Nokia said that Viki will combine ‘all data source into single chat and voice interface’, but they didn’t reveal anything else about their personal assistant.

nokia wiki


According to leaked news Viki will arrive on the Nokia’s next flagship Nokia 8. As Nokia is returning to crowded mobile market and need more than nostalgia factor to compete with top ranked companies like Apple and Samsung, company’s own digital assistant “viki” may help to reach its earlier stage of success if they follow with the trademark application to setting apart its android smartphone.

Hey, Viki, check the tomorrow weather….

That’s question people might soon start asking to Nokia’s personal assistant.

Let, see how’s Viki will answer to your questions, Viki have to make a connect with every user. As company already reported that their personal assistant combines all data source in single chat and voice interface, so this may lift up among the other personal assistant. Nokia has to work very hard on their personal assistant as the other personal assistant also changes ang captures the market according to the need of the users.

nokia viki

However, it’ll be very interesting to see how the Viki perform in mobile market against the heavily-praised Google Assistant and Apple’s iconic Siri. We will also have to wait and see how the HMD Global bring some additional features when it launches its own personal assistant.

As the competition is growing day by day, Samsung has also come with its own voice assistant called the Bixby. Though the AI features are not that great as we seen on Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri but the first step from the Samsung is quite great and this thing will be going long roads in the future. So, Nokia is little behind from the competition and now they have to come up with new great ideas so to overcome the all other assistants from other companies. So, let’s wait for the Nokia’s Viki to launch in the market. Let’s hope that the Nokia will launch its own voice assistant in the end of 2018.


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