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Pebble was the first company to introduce the idea of connecting watches with the smartphones. It took almost a year to complete the project. But once It was completed, it was a huge success for the comapany as the company got many good reviews from the customers. They launched the two smart watches one with steel and other with plastic. But it’s a matter of taste which one will you like. But now today the many other companies have also launched many new smart watches to the competition of Pebble Watches. Can the Pebble watch with stand the competition? Let’s find it out.


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Design really matters a lot in today’s fashionable world. Pebble watches too come with a modern looking style. It has a full steel sleek design with the full tilt at all ends which really look aggressive while the plastic variant gives a look of toy-tech kind look. The Pebble watches will be loved more by the customers who love Kindles and Casio watches. Only the watches fells little bit chunky which won’t gather a lot of admire. The Pebble watch comes with 1.26 inches of E-Paper display with resolutions of 144 x 168 pixels. E-Paper disappoints a little as it only comes with black and white LCD display which looks little outdated. The watch comes with 5 colors to choose: orange, white, grey, black and red. Many variants of watch bands are available online to choose.


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The watch is water resistance and it has got 5 ATM rating which is quite good. There is no touch screen but the 4 buttons can do the operations very easily. There are 3 buttons on the right side and 1 is present on the left of the watch. Talking about its specifications the watch comes with Cortex-M3 ARM processor and a small amount of storage for storing apps, downloading and contacts. It has a magnetometer, three-axis accelerometer and an ambient light sensor.


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Earlier there was no Pebble app available. But now the company has launched a new pebble app through which you can download many pebble apps and run on your smart watch. The new app and advanced software makes Pebble watch really a stand out in crowd. The Pebble watch can be connected with the iPhone with iOS 6 or iOS7, and Android devices running on Android 4.1 and up.



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With the Black and white display the battery life of the watch is appreciating. It can last up to 3 days with only one charge. Only the problem was that keeping the watch connected to the phone all day, it drains the battery of the watch very quickly. So let’s come to the end, Pebble watch is the most affordable and really simple functioning watch. Only it lacks behind the other watches is its LCD Display. There is no LCD display available and no touchscreen which looks a little outdated in today’s world. You can get a pebble watch online at a price tag between 8, 000 to 23, 000 INR. So if you want affordable smart watches then go and grab your Pebble watch today.



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